When I opened the bag abandoned on the side of the road, ‘a gold ring rumbled’… What happened

A criminal who put 50 million won worth of precious metals stolen온라인카지노 from a gold and silver store in a black plastic bag and disguised them as trash in a flower bed on the side of the road was caught by the police.

On the 19th, the National Police Agency released a video of a theft incident that occurred at a gold and silver store in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on July 25 through its official Facebook page.

According to the police, Mr. A, a man in his 30s, arrived in front of Geumeunbang on a motorcycle, broke the window with a hammer he had prepared in advance, and broke into the room. A security smoke bomb installed by a private security company spread inside the Gold and Silver Room, but Mr. A paid no attention and ran away with the precious metals on display in the store.

Mr. A, who ran away on a motorcycle, abandoned the motorcycle on the side of the road and changed his clothes to avoid being pursued by the police. Her stolen jewelry was placed in a black plastic bag and hidden in a pile of trash in a flowerbed by the side of the road.

The police, who received the report and started tracking, arrested Mr. A 28 hours after the crime through analysis of CCTV footage.

Mr. A is said to have stolen 64 items, including gold rings and bracelets, with a market value of 50 million won, from the gold and silver room.

The police recovered most of the jewelry stolen by Mr. A and returned it to the owner of the gold and silver store, while also charging Mr. A with special theft and arresting him.

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