“They made him sit on the toilet and assaulted him.” The father of the assailant was ‘the protocol secretary in the President’s office.’

Today, the news starts with another story of ‘school violence’.

A third-grade student at an elementary school made his junior, a year younger than him, sit on the toilet in the school bathroom and assaulted him several times.

The victim was injured so badly that he bled and was diagnosed with 9 weeks of malnutrition. The assailant was transferred to another class but continued to attend school.

The father of the assailant was a protocol secretary working in the Yongsan Presidential Office, and he resigned today when suspicions of the school violence arose.

First, reporter Jeon Dong-hyuk reports.

◀ Report ▶

An elementary school in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do.

Last July, it was reported that a third-grade female student assaulted a female student two years her junior.

Both assaults took place in the school bathroom.

On July 10th, when the first assault occurred, the assailant made the victim sit on the toilet lid at the end of the after-school class and hit her on the head with a ‘recorder’.

A week later, the victim was called back and made to sit on the toilet in the same manner.

He put his hands behind her back, forced her to close her eyes, and then punched her in the eyes and forehead.

She told me not to tell anyone else.

The victim suffered injuries to her face, including her eye, which left her bleeding, and was diagnosed with nine weeks of pregnathia.

Last September, the measures taken by the School Violence Countermeasures온라인카지노 Committee included ‘changing classes’ for the offending student and providing 10 hours of special education.

In response to this, Kim Young-ho, a member of the National Assembly Education Committee, raised ‘suspicions of suppressing school violence.’

He said, “It was an ineffective measure to only change classes without transferring the offending student.”

[Rep. Kim Young-ho/Democratic Party of Korea]
“The most surprising thing is that 1 point was imposed for persistence. The assault was not just one time. A total score of 16 points is a mandatory transfer, but the student received 15 points and was forced to transfer by just 1 point. “I was able to avoid it.”

The father of this assailant was confirmed to be Kim Seung-hee, the protocol secretary currently working in the President’s Office.

Representative Kim also pointed out, “On the day the school suspended attendance, the mother of the offending student replaced her SNS profile picture with a picture of her husband and the president together.”

[Rep. Kim Young-ho/Democratic Party of Korea]
“Putting a photo of your husband on official duty as if you were a close aide to the president can only be seen as a very inappropriate attitude.”

The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education announced that it would reexamine and respond to this issue.

[Lim Tae-hee/Gyeonggi Province Superintendent of Education]
“I would like to say that the Office of Education will take care of this issue so that it can be dealt with very strictly and educationally properly.”

An official from the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education said, “We are receiving opinions from both students to see if there are any objections to the disciplinary action.”

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