When asked why he paid for a soldier’s beef, the young man said, “Looking at the military uniform reminds me of my younger brother.”

Recently, the story of a part-time worker at a cafe giving a drink to an Army soldier with a thank-you note was revealed, giving a heartwarming story. This time, the story of a citizen who paid for a meal on behalf of a soldier’s family whom he met at a restaurant was told.

On the Facebook page ‘On behalf of the Army Training Center’, a story was posted on the 19th by a soldier on active duty in the Army who said he received warm favor from a man in his 20s while out on the weekend. He began by saying, “I am reporting this to express my gratitude once again to the person who gave me unforgettable memories.”

According to this, Mr. A recently went out on the weekend and visited a meat restaurant in Beomgye-dong, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do with his father. As the two people ordered two servings of beef and were waiting for their food, the restaurant owner approached them and told them something unexpected. “The man at table 13 had already paid for this table.”

Mr. A said, “I was so surprised that I looked at table number 13 and saw a young man who looked to be in his mid-twenties finishing the checkout and getting ready to leave.” He added먹튀검증, “I stopped the man in front of the restaurant as he was leaving as if nothing had happened to say thank you. And he asked why he made the calculation.”

It is said that at that time, the man brought up the story of his own younger brother, who is currently serving on active duty. The man said, “Seeing the military uniform reminded me of my younger brother,” and bowed his head in greeting. He then left the store with a warm word, “You’ve had a lot of trouble.”

Mr. A said, “After saying thank you, my father and I returned to our seats and had a hearty meal while saying that the world was still warm.” “I would like to say thank you once again for your actions,” he said.

He added, “I hope that these touching and heart-warming events, like what happened at Baek Cafe not long ago and what I experienced, will provide strength to all the soldiers suffering in various parts of the Republic of Korea and serve as an opportunity for them to feel proud as soldiers.”

Meanwhile, an Army sergeant’s report that he visited a Baekdabang store in Seoul and received a drink with the phrase “Thank you for protecting our country” garnered a lot of attention online. The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs also directly searched for the main character in the story, and was able to find Ha Ji-ho (25), who had recently worked as a part-time worker. He is said to have left a message of gratitude in his drink every time he saw a soldier in uniform. When Mr. Ha met with Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Park Min-sik on the 13th, he euphemistically refused the tablet PC

that Minister Park had tried to give as a gift and expressed his intention, saying, “I would rather donate it to a person of national merit.” Accordingly, Minister Park donated a comfort food truck to a military unit in Ha’s name and delivered a ‘recruitment recommendation letter’ to Mr. Ha, who was preparing to become an intern at a game company.

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