“Horizontal and vertical stripes on the back”… Be careful about consuming unripe shiitake mushrooms

There has been a report that skin disease can occur if shiitake mushrooms먹튀검증, which are often eaten as a side dish, are not cooked properly.

According to the New York Post on the 17th (local time), a case of skin disease was recently reported in Switzerland after eating unripe shiitake mushrooms.

Mr. A, a man in his 70s who experienced an adverse reaction, said that he usually enjoyed eating menu items containing shiitake mushrooms. However, after consuming the food, he experienced itchiness on his back and a rash that appeared in horizontal and vertical stripes on his skin.

As the symptoms worsened, Mr. A visited the hospital and was later diagnosed with shiitake dermatitis .

According to the media, shiitake mushrooms contain an ingredient called lentinan . Lentinan is known to be a beneficial ingredient with anti-cancer effects, but people with severe allergic reactions or weakened immunity may experience a sensitive reaction when ingested.

This is because lentinan generates a protein active substance called psychotine in the body, which causes allergic reactions such as dermatitis.

Shiitake dermatitis has been reported in the past. It was first reported in Japan in 1977, and the disease is accompanied by symptoms such as skin rash, itching, and diarrhea. It is known that the typical characteristic is that stripes that look like lines are drawn on the skin.

To prevent shiitake dermatitis, shiitake mushrooms must be heated sufficiently. According to the Geneva University Hospital in Switzerland, shiitake mushrooms cooked to 145 degrees Celsius can completely destroy their internal lentinan.

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