“What about the ants?”… Youngpoong Paper, which surged 730% this year and suddenly reached its lowest price, will suspend trading starting tomorrow.

Trading transactions for Youngpoong Paper and its largest shareholder, Daeyang먹튀검증 Metal, which hit the lower limit in the stock market on the 18th, will be suspended. There are immediate concerns about damage to minority shareholders due to such measures.

On this day, the Financial Services Commission, Financial Supervisory Service, and Exchange announced that they judged that a trading suspension was necessary to quickly establish trading order and protect investors in relation to the sharp decline in the stock prices of two stocks.

Accordingly, the Korea Exchange suspended trading for these stocks from the 19th until release is necessary and requested inquiry and disclosure.

The financial authorities emphasized, “We will thoroughly investigate stocks suspected of having unfair trade practices and take strict action based on the zero-tolerance principle if any suspicions are discovered.”

Youngpoong Paper, which previously attracted market attention with its stock price soaring 730% this year, began to pour in immediately after the stock market opened on this day, reaching the lower limit at 9:12 a.m.

Daeyang Metal, the largest shareholder with a 45% stake in Youngpoong Paper, also entered the lower limit at around 9:30 am on this day.

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