Sillim-dong stabbing rampage Joseon court shows signs of anxiety, bereaved family says, “The sky is falling”

Cho Seon, who was arrested and indicted for the stabbing incident in Sillim-dong먹튀검증, Seoul, reacted strongly when a video of his crime was played in court.

During Chosun’s trial for murder, which was held at the Seoul Central District Court Criminal Agreement Division 32-2, when a video of the crime was shown in court, Chosun lowered his head, held his forehead with both hands, and continued to moan.

Cho-sun then repeatedly bent down and stood up or appeared to cover his ears with his hands while talking to himself, and the judge ordered Cho-sun to put the handcuffs back on after they had been removed.

The victim’s younger brother, who appeared as a witness, said, “I feel like the sky has fallen because my only older brother passed away,” and appealed, “I hope Chosun receives as big a sentence as possible.”

In addition, the psychologist who conducted a mental evaluation of Cho Seon said that Cho Seon’s IQ was at the borderline intelligence level of 75, and evaluated Cho Seon as having an antisocial personality disorder, explaining, “As he continued to be unemployed, he fell into self-isolation and exploded in anger.”

The court said, “At the time of the crime, Cho-sun said he ‘had auditory hallucinations,’ but he failed to properly explain this,” and accepted the opinion of Cho-sun’s lawyer, who applied for a mental evaluation again, but added, “Jo-sun will need treatment in the future, but it must be done with his own money, not taxes.” “I think I will,” he said.

Last July, near Sillim Station on Subway Line 2, Cho Seon was put on trial on charges of stabbing a 22-year-old man to death and attempted murder of three men in their 30s.

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