“Ahn Cheol-soo collapsed last year and received CPR” Jang Seong-cheol refutes

Political critic Jang Seong-cheol, director of the Public Opinion Center, claimed on the 17th, “People Power Party lawmaker Ahn Cheol-soo collapsed on the afternoon of June 2 last year, CPR was administered, and he was taken to the emergency room of Bundang Jesaeng Hospital in an ambulance.”

Earlier, in a radio interview this morning, Director Jang claimed, “Rep. Ahn had heart problems and was in dangerous situations twice,” but when Rep. Ahn denied this, he started to refute it again.

Director Jang responded to Rep. Ahn’s statement calling his comments “false information” and warning of legal action, saying, “If you continue to threaten me, I will also release photos of the ambulance (at the time of transfer to the hospital).”

The truth battle between the two sides surrounding Rep. Ahn’s ‘heart problem’ began with Director Jang’s remarks in a CBS radio interview this morning.

Regarding former People Power Party leader Lee Jun-seok’s remarks the previous day targeting Rep. Ahn, saying, “I don’t deal with sick people,” Director Jang said, “Former Rep. Lee did not mean to be sarcastic or attack Rep. Ahn.” “In fact, Rep. Ahn is feeling a little sick,” he claimed.

He then claimed that there were two dangerous situations for Representative Ahn and that “(Former Representative Lee) was expressing that Representative Ahn’s health was not good, and he did not approach it as if he had a mental problem.”

Representative Ahn’s office then issued a statement saying, “ Rep. Ahn does not have any underlying diseases or other diseases. “He has a heart strong enough to run a marathon,” he refuted, adding, “Nevertheless, Director Jang made up specific false information.”

He then added, “Director Jang is deceiving the public with malicious먹튀검증 false facts to support former Representative Lee’s sarcasm towards Rep. Ahn,” adding, “If he does not correct and apologize for his false remarks within the day, we will take legal action.”

However, Director Jang did not give up on his claim, revealing the basis for the claim of ‘Ahn Cheol-soo’s heart problem’ through Facebook.

Director Jang also said, “First of all, I apologize for causing controversy. “I am even more sorry for hurting the feelings of respected Rep. Ahn,” he said, “but please understand that I have no choice but to respond since you threatened to take legal action against me.” “I have no ill will toward Rep. Ahn,” he said.

Director Jang, a former aide to former lawmaker Kim Moo-sung, has recently appeared in a video for the YouTube channel ‘Yeouido Reconstruction Association’ led by former representative Lee.

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