In the same class as the perpetrator of school violence… Victims’ parents protest

An elementary school student was subjected to school violence by a student in the same class for over four months, and even though a school violence committee was held, the victim’s side is protesting, saying that he continued to live in the same class.

The Office of Education stated that since the perpetrator was an elementary school student, they were disposed of due to the possibility of him leading the charge, but in the end, only the victim was unable to attend school.

This is reporter Kwak Dong-hwa.


This is a text message that A, a 6th grade elementary school student, received from a student in his class.

They lie to their parents and tell them to bring money to them, or they threaten to take them home if their demands are not met.

[Group A’s parent/Voice modified: “Sometimes he came to their house and took money, and sometimes they asked him to come to their house and gave them money there…”] The victim noticed the threatening texts and phone calls that continued dozens of times a day

. It ended only after the student’s parents notified the school.

After a month of deliberation, school violence was recognized, and the offending먹튀검증 student was sentenced to No. 2 and No. 4 community service, which prohibits contact, threats, and retaliation.

However, despite the results of this deliberation, nothing has changed for the victim.

This is because the offending student, who applied for a ‘field trip’ during the deliberation period but did not come to school, returned to the same classroom.

This time, the victim has not been able to attend school for over two weeks.

[Group A’s parent/Voice modified: “The child is afraid of bumping into someone in the same space, but there was a feeling of injustice, wondering, ‘Was this really a measure to protect the victim?'”] The Office of Education said that since the perpetrator is an elementary school student, there is a possibility that he may be leading the charge

. They stated that they disposed of it appropriately, taking these factors into consideration.

He also explained that although it is currently not possible to change classes in elementary schools, it will be used as a reference in assigning classes to higher schools as the disciplinary period continues until graduation from middle school.

The parents of the victim plan to file an administrative appeal, claiming that the results of the Board of Education’s deliberation are causing secondary harm to the victim.

This is KBS News Kwak Dong-hwa.

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