“Let’s pet the abandoned dog we met in the South… It ran for hundreds of meters and followed us, so we adopted it.”

YouTuber ‘Pokki and Posuni’, who posts content related to pets, recently먹튀검증 posted a short video titled ‘I adopted an abandoned dog.’

This YouTuber said, “I was fishing on an island in the South Sea when a dog came next to me and didn’t leave for several hours. I thought it was a neighborhood dog, but it turned out to be an abandoned dog. “She was sad because she had a one-year-old baby and a retriever at home, but I thought she would be fine and set off, but she followed me for a few hundred meters.”

She continued, “It was too dangerous as it came to the main road,” and “I had no choice but to stop the car and take it back to its original place, but they said it was a dog that even the villagers didn’t know. “I was worried because if I took her, I would have to take responsibility for her entire life, but I decided to take responsibility for this small, precious life with my wife’s permission to take her,” he explained. This dog had undergone vocal cord surgery and was unable to bark well.

This video received great attention, reaching 960,000 views as of the 15th.

Afterwards, the YouTuber reportedly gave the abandoned dog the name ‘Posuni’ and had it undergo a health checkup at an animal hospital. He announced, “(Posun) was in pain, so she finished treatment and started living a happy life.”

When this story became known, netizens said, “I think I know how Posoon must have been running after the car. “I feel sorry and ashamed of people’s selfishness, to the point where they don’t even let me bark and throw me away”, “It hurts when my car chases me. “You did a good job because the dog was desperate too.”, “I am grateful to have met such a warm person. There were reactions such as, “It’s a big hit.”

Meanwhile, under the Animal Protection Act, owners who abandon animals are subject to a fine of up to 3 million won.

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