“Second time in history” 2.3 trillion won US Powerball winner born in 3 months

Powerball, one of the two major draws of the American lottery! Recently, the Powerball jackpot exceeded 1.765 billion dollars, or 2.3 trillion won in Korean money, the second largest in U.S. lottery history.

It is said that on the 11th local time, the winner of this huge jackpot was born after about 3 months.

In Powerball, if there is no first prize winner, the amount is carried over.

As there have been no winners in a row since July 19th, the cumulative winnings have increased to an astronomical level.

According to local media, the probability of winning first place by guessing all six Powerball numbers is only 1 in 292.2 million.

This winning lottery ticket, which beat the odds, came from a small liquor store in rural먹튀검증 California, and is attracting even more attention.

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