Park Soo-hong’s parents protect their eldest son, “He likes women, so he saved the slush fund”

While broadcaster Park Soo-hong’s older brother, Mr. Park (55), is being tried on charges of embezzlement of funds from an entertainment agency, Park Soo-hong’s father appeared as a witness on the 13th and gave a statement to the effect that ‘Park Soo-hong created a slush fund because he likes women.’ On this day, Park Soo-hong’s mother, who appeared in court with her, claimed before her trial that “Park Soo-hong was gaslighted by Daye (Park Soo-hong’s wife).”

On the afternoon of the 13th, the 8th trial on charges of violation of the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (Embezzlement) against Park Soo-hong’s brother and his wife was held at the 11th Division of the Criminal Agreement of the Seoul Western District Court. At the trial on this day, Park Soo-hong’s parents stood on the witness stand together at the request of his brother.

Park Soo-hong’s mother, who appeared in court before her trial, told reporters, referring to Park Soo-hong’s wife, Daye Kim, that she said, “I couldn’t even see her face or hear her voice.” She continued, “I have an apartment for seniors (targeted). If I’m not there, Suhong can’t move in. “It’s the house from ‘Missing Me’ that has a swimming pool and a bathhouse,” she said. “But Suhong came and asked for my bankbook, so I gave him a stamp.” It wasn’t long before everyone’s name appeared. “That apartment is now worth 2 billion,” she said. At the same time, she said, “Soohong was gaslighted by Daye. “How much did she know before she handed over the title to her apartment,” she said.

Park Soo-hong’s mother said, “I used to do all the dishes, but she registered the marriage and attacked her mother,” and she said, “(Park Soo-hong) made her eldest son a fraud to the people of this world.” She also said, “She needs to meet with Soo-hong to talk, but she changed her phone number and moved her house,” she said. “I cleaned (the house) all the time.” I stayed quiet because Suhong was a celebrity. “But do you have to call me in front of all these people?” she said.

Park Soo-hong sued her older brother and his wife on charges of embezzlement in April 2021. While in charge of Park Soo-hong’s management from 2011 to 2021, he is accused of embezzling 6.17 billion won in corporate funds from a one-person agency and Park Soo-hong’s personal money.

On this day, the prosecution asked about periodic deposits of money to Park Soo-hong’s father from Rael and Media Boom, entertainment agencies run by her older brother and his wife. In response, Park Soo-hong’s father said, “It’s for slush funds,” and added, “If you become a comedian, you don’t get much if you pay taxes and먹튀검증 maintain your dignity. A separate slush fund was set aside for Suhong. He said, “Suhong created a slush fund because he said his youngest sister, her friends, and a friend he was dating needed (money).”

Also, “Soohong likes women. At first, she dated a girl for 7 or 8 years, but after a few months, the girl cried and said, ‘Her brother told me to break up with him.’ Then, she said, “Suhong came to her mother and asked for her bank account,” and she said, “If Suhong breaks up with a woman while dating, I buy her something. “So she asked me to find cash and I gave her cash.”

Meanwhile, Park Soo-hong did not attend this trial. Park Soo-hong appeared as a witness in the previous trial and expressed his stance that he wanted his brother and his wife to be severely punished.

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