‘Migrant Women’s Mother Basketball Team’ is on the rise

The Korea Basketball Development Research Institute, the birthplace of migrant youth basketball teams, is taking on a new challenge. This time, it is a mother’s basketball team made up of immigrant women.

Cheon Soo-gil, director of the Korea Basketball Development Research Institute, and about 20 immigrant women will begin the first training of the ‘Magpies Mothers Basketball Team’ on the 12th. Director Cheon, a former basketball player, established the research institute in 2005 and has supported the sports activities of various underprivileged groups in society.

Director Cheon, who has been focusing on migrant youth for the past 10 years, decided to found a mother’s basketball team last July. It all started with the story of the Ansan migrant women’s volleyball team that appeared in ‘The Migration Era, Crossing Boundaries through Sports’ organized by the Hankyoreh. While reading the story of an immigrant woman who enjoys playing volleyball, “I realized that the mothers of basketball players, who had previously been considered only guardians of their children, were also subjects of the sport.”

Director Cheon asked the mothers who came with her children, “Do you want to play basketball together?” The reaction was explosive. After a trial practice game, the mothers instantly regained their forgotten sports instincts. Recruitment of players for the basketball team also went through토토사이트 word of mouth, and more than 20 members quickly gathered. Their nationalities are diverse, including Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Mexico, Bangladesh, Japan, and China.

Yuyeon Kim, a member of the national shooting team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, also joined. Mr. Kim also plans to teach stretching to members of the basketball team. Ms. Kim said, “I am worried about playing basketball at the age of 40, which I had never thought about since I am only 153cm tall, but I am also very excited at the thought of becoming one with mothers from multicultural families and creating a dream team.” “It’s always a wonderful and happy experience.”

In an era where sports are becoming commercialized and politicized, Director Cheon and the challenges of immigrant women are a notable example. It shows a concrete model that creates a space for mutual exchange and harmony through sports. In fact, in countries such as France, New Zealand, and the United States, governments and companies are supporting the inclusion of immigrants through sports. Director Cheon has also received support from Hana Tour, children’s clothing company Pastel World, and Yeongdeungpo-gu Office.

However, there is also some regret. In Korea, there is still limited concern about the social role of sports, and support for sports targeting immigrants is still poor. Due to the lack of facilities such as gyms, children now have to worry about the fear that “they may not be able to use the gym at any time.” As the economy becomes more difficult due to the government’s indifference, support from local governments and companies is decreasing.

But their dreams still continue. In a world where the weakest can exercise to their heart’s content, wouldn’t this be a world where everyone can breathe happily? This is why we support Director Cheon and the ‘layup’ of immigrant women.

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