104th National Sports Festival held in Jeonnam… Largest number of participants ever

The ‘104th National Sports Festival’, hosted by the Korea Sports Council 먹튀검증(Chairman Lee Ki-heung) and organized by Jeonnam, Jeonnam Office of Education, and Jeonnam Sports Council, will be held for 7 days from the 13th to the 19th in Jeollanam-do, including Mokpo Stadium. It is held in Ilwon.

In this competition, 29,955 athletes (28,477 city/provincial athletes and 1,478 overseas Korean sports organizations), the largest number ever for a national sports competition, will compete in 49 sports at 70 stadiums, including Mokpo Stadium.

Above all, the Korea Sports Council plans to carry out the Sports Safety Foundation’s sports event safety management inspection service to ensure that the competition is held as a safe one, and will strive to conduct fair competitions by conducting a match-fixing prevention campaign during the competition period.

In addition, we plan to increase public interest by designating national players and games expected to set new records and win multiple titles as ‘prime events’ during the competition. The prime event match schedule will be uploaded to the Korean Sports Council and National Sports Festival website.

The opening ceremony will be held at Mokpo Stadium from 6:20 p.m. on the 13th under the theme, ‘Let the ground shake in Jeollanam-do.’

At the opening ceremony on this day, the torch that was lit on the 3rd at Manisan Mountain in Ganghwa Island and traveled a total of 433 km will be lit. In addition, the start of the competition is announced through the fusion of advanced technologies such as madangnori, dance, drones, and lasers.

The closing ceremony will be held at Mokpo Stadium at 6 p.m. on the 19th.

The opening and closing ceremonies of the National Sports Festival will be broadcast live through KBS1TV and KBS1 Gwangju, respectively, and through a sponsorship agreement between KBS and the host broadcaster, KBS and KBSN will broadcast live or recorded 17 sports, including track and field, swimming, archery, soccer, and taekwondo. am.

In addition, in collaboration with Afreeca TV, sports such as volleyball, rugby, weightlifting, and kendo will be broadcast live or recorded.

At this National Sports Festival, an ESG campaign will be launched for eco-friendly operation (Environment), safe competition (Social), and fair competition (Governance).

Athletes from 17 cities and provinces are asked to implement tasks for eco-friendly competitions, such as computerizing game records, banning the use of plastic, and certifying eco-friendly activities on SNS. Exemplary athlete awards, order awards, and prize money are provided to organizations that actively participate. .

In addition, we produce and distribute a ‘comprehensive safety management manual’ for safe competitions, film video of matches, and assign permanent referees to ensure fair competition.

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