‘Wonder Woman’ 38-year-old female actress is angry… 2-year veteran of the Israeli National Guard

Following the armed conflict between the Palestinian armed faction Hamas and Israel, celebrities, including Hollywood stars, continue to declare their support for Israel. Meanwhile, Gal Gadot (38), the lead actress of the movie ‘Wonder Woman’, is attracting attention. This is because of his extraordinary history. On the 9th (local time), Gadot expressed her solidarity with Israel through

her social media ( SNS ), saying, “Israel is under attack and needs your help.” The day before, he also posted a photo of the Israeli flag, saying, “The whole world cannot remain silent while such terrible terrorism is occurring.” He also shared a video of rock band U2 singing ‘ Pride ( In the Name of Love

)’ in Las Vegas on the 8th for a music fan who was murdered and kidnapped at an Israeli music festival . At the time, U2 ‘s Bono said in the middle of the song, “Sing for our brothers and sisters who sang at the festival in Israel.”

Gadot is a Jewish and Israeli actress. The British Independent reported that he 토토사이트served in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years before starting his career in Hollywood. Israel requires both men and women to serve in the military. It is 3 years for men and 2 years for women.

However, the UK’s Daily Mail reported that it has not been confirmed whether Gadot was included in the reserve force call-up order issued by the Israeli government.

In addition, Jewish actress Natalie Portman also said on social media , “My heart is shattered as I think of the people of Israel. “Children, women and the elderly have been murdered and kidnapped from their homes,” he said. “I am horrified by these barbaric acts and pray with love for all the families affected.”

Pop star Madonna also said, “My heart goes out to Israel. To families and homes destroyed. To children who have lost their way. To the innocent victims who were murdered. To everyone who is suffering or will suffer from this conflict. “I am praying for you,” she posted on social media.

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