Won Hee-ryong, the ‘one-hit instructor’, why did his voice become quieter at this year’s National Assembly inspection?

“I understand that the person who presented this analysis value (regarding traffic volume for the alternative route of the Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway) has been selected as a witness. The person who wrote it will appear later, so ask them plenty.” (Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong) “(Yangpyeong Expressway) Ilta instructor as well

. Didn’t you? Is this (a press release containing the results of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s alternative route B/C analysis) a service press release?” (Rep. Lee So-young) On the

10th, during the National Assembly’s Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee’s audit of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, etc., the Seoul Metropolitan Government recently released ~The ruling and opposition parties clashed head-on regarding the submission of data on the economic feasibility of the Yangpyeong Expressway’s alternative and original route, selection of witnesses, and facts. On this day, there were frequent criticisms of Minister Won’s attitude of answering with a particularly quiet voice.

At the National Assembly inspection site, the Democratic Party of Korea claimed that the results of the B/C (benefit to cost) analysis were distorted and manipulated, while the People Power Party maintained its position that the Yangpyeong Expressway was a ‘political offensive’ and suspected the previous administration of manipulating real estate statistics . launched a concentrated offensive.

Rep. Choi In-ho, a secretary of the Democratic Party, said, “The announcement of the B/C three days before the National Assembly ignored the National Assembly and interfered with the National Assembly,” and added, “It is a sham investigation that included distortion and manipulation to rationalize the service process. ”

Rep. Park Sang-hyuk of the same party pointed out, “The concept of ‘Bulletproof National Inspection B / C’ was born in the National Land, Infrastructure and Transport Commission.”

Representative Lee So-young raised the question, “It is said that if the terminal point is changed to Gangsang-myeon, the traffic volume will increase by 6,000 vehicles. Will there even be a third new city in Yangpyeong?”

In response, Rep. Yoo Gyeong-jun of the People Power Party made a remark in support of Minister Won, saying, “Traffic volume estimation is a specialized area. How can the minister respond to something that is done mechanically? Please take that into consideration and ask questions.”

Rep. Kim Jeong-jae, a member of the ruling party, also pointed out, ” The B/C results are being reinterpreted only from the Democratic Party’s perspective and are being distorted and manipulated. Even though there are many pending issues related to the people’s livelihood, they only take issue with the Yangpyeong Expressway, which leads to political strife.”

Rep. Seo Beom-soo also said, “The opposition party asked me to submit a B/C analysis, so I submitted it, and they said it was a bulletproof B/C to prepare for the National Assembly inspection.” He added, “The witnesses will come out in the afternoon, so we will ask the witnesses, and if that doesn’t work, we can leave it to a third-party verification agency.” “It’s turning into a political war,” he criticized.

In the afternoon, the National Assembly inspection resumed on the Yangpyeong Expressway-related agenda. Rep. Han Jun-ho, who requested raw data related to the Yangpyeong Expressway alternative route from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport prior to the morning National Assembly inspection but did not receive it, asked again, “I asked for the raw data, and they said they would give it to me tomorrow. If there is no intention to manipulate it, please give me the raw data as is.”

Next, the Democratic Party raised questions about whether an alternative route was suddenly introduced this year and the false technical history of the relevant service company, although the original purpose of this project was to resolve the traffic policy on the Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway.He also expressed the opposite opinion of the lawmakers, saying, “I think many of the suspicions have been resolved after the analysis data was released.” The Justice Party said it would seek an understanding with First Lady Kim Kun-hee’s family regarding the B/C

analysis results released by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on October 5. He pointed out that the conflict problem must be resolved. Rep. Shim Sang-jeong, who said he had reviewed the B/C analysis data in detail, said, “To start with the conclusion, the economic feasibility analysis is a false exaggeration and a ‘answer’ hastily created through distortion and concealment (‘the answer is fixed and “You just have to answer,” he said. “In the end, it is just data that supports the fact that there is absolutely no reason to insist on the Gangsang-myeon route even while risking suspicions of preferential treatment for Mrs. Kim Kun-hee’s family.” The opposition party’s Yangpyeong Expressway In response to the intensive offensive, the People’s Power Party counterattacked by raising suspicions about the Moon Jae-in administration’s manipulation of real estate statistics. Representative Seo Il-jun mentioned the recent audit results of the Board of Audit and Inspection related to the suspicions and said, “The Moon Jae-in administration is afraid of criticism and criticism from the public.” “My anger boils over when they say that it was fabricated,” he said. Rep. Kim Hak-yong argued that former government officials, including former Blue House policy chiefs Jang Ha-seong and Kim Sang-jo, and former Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Kim Hyun-mi, should be adopted as witnesses for the National Assembly inspection.Accordingly, in the afternoon, Representative Hong Ki-won said, “ Arguments based on the premise that KB statistics, which are private statistics, are correct and real estate agency statistics are wrong can cause confusion in 안전놀이터the market,” adding, “In a phase where housing prices are falling, KB statistics are correct.”

He also refuted, saying, “The statistics reflect actual transaction prices less than the statistics from the Real Estate Institute.”

Meanwhile, on this day, the Democratic Party frequently raised issues regarding Minister Won’s attitude in answering. Before

the end of the morning session, Rep. Han Jun-ho said, “The attitude in answering all morning was very insincere.” do. “Is this why you want to do the National Assembly Audit?” he criticized.

Kim Min-ki, chairman of the Democratic Party’s Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee, who had repeatedly asked Minister Won to come closer to the microphone and answer because he could not hear his voice, said, “Today, especially when I sit leaning back in my chair, my voice is audible.” He also explained, “My back is uncomfortable.”

In response, Chairman Kim said, “The Minister said that his back hurts, so the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport should prepare a backrest, etc.” and asked him to “answer sincerely in the afternoon.” Earlier, he received a request from Representative Lee So-young

. When complaints were made about the minister’s insincere response, Kim Min-ki, chairman of the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee, said, “I hope you will do so in the future as I think you should give a comprehensive answer to what you can answer.” Minister Won turned to the chairman and said, “Please listen to my side.” He also answered,

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