“Monthly income of 30 million won” is much better than that of an office worker… “Do you believe that?” If you try it yourself as a YouTuber, you will know.

 “How easy it looks for YouTubers to make money” (Kwak Tube) The number of

people joining YouTube continues to increase, claiming that the income from YouTube is better than the company salary, but in reality, it turns out that it is not easy. .

The number of people giving up on YouTube is increasing just as much as the number of people who have jumped into it. In particular, attention is drawn to the results of a survey that is being talked about in the industry, showing that one must be in the top 1% to earn an income of about 30 million won per month.

According to data (2012) submitted by the National Tax Service to the office of Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Soo-jin on the 7th, the average income per person of the 342 YouTubers in the top 1% was 366 million won, and the average income of the remaining 33,877 (99%) excluding them was 366 million won. Income was only 6 million won. This means that 99% of YouTubers do not earn even 1 million won per month.

In particular, the income share of the top 1% is increasing every year, from 28.8% in 2019, 36.4% in 2020, and 37.6% in 2021.

Kwak Tube (real name Kwak Jun-bin), who has 1.7 million YouTube subscribers, appeared on a broadcast and was asked, ‘Is it true that he earned 10 billion won through YouTube?’ “Do먹튀검증 you think you would have earned it?” he said. “It’s amazing that people believe.”

When asked, ‘Wouldn’t it be possible to make money by combining YouTube advertising fee income, etc.?’, he answered, “I can’t make it.” He answered, “10 billion won is only possible if we have 100 million subscribers.” He said, “Even if I add up everything I’ve earned so far, it doesn’t even come close to 10 billion won.”

This means that the income being talked about and the reality are very different. Nevertheless, there are surprisingly many office workers who dream of becoming YouTubers, saying that their income as a YouTuber is better than their company salary.

The number of solo media creators, such as YouTubers, is rapidly increasing every year. It increased from 2,776 in 2019 to 20,756 in 2020 and 34,219 in 2021. Although last year’s figures have not been made public, the industry estimates that the number exceeded 40,000.

YouTuber K said, “The structure is such that only the top few percent make money. It takes a lot of time and effort, but making money is not easy. “Many people give up after a while.”

On YouTube, creators must have 1,000 subscribers and watch 4,000 hours of content over the past year to receive a share of advertising revenue, but even for this, a 45% commission is charged.

A famous YouTuber with 2 million subscribers said, “If you make a video for three days and get 1 million views, (the profit) is about 600,000 won,” adding, “From here, you have to deduct the various costs required for video work, and you have to share it with the team members who help you work.” He said that the monthly income of YouTubers is not as high as is widely known.

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