“To win the KS, to make a promise to Dharma” The story of ‘Broom Man’, an LG enthusiast

“No matter what happens, I will stay with this broom until we win the Korean Series.”

In the history of LG Twins, there is a ‘passionate fan’ who is remembered by fans. The so-called ‘LG Grandpa’ who led the cheering squad with a whistle in 1990, ‘Uncle Dharma’ and ‘Uncle Pak Kyung-su’ who accompanied the Twins through their dark days in the 21st century, and shed hot tears as the LG Twins won the regular season for the first time in 29 years

. There is one more passionate fan who joined us. That is the ‘Broom Man.’

On the 3rd, the LG Twins erased the magic number in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League regular season and confirmed first place in the regular league. This is the highest ranking since 1994. After 29 years, everyone including coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who led LG, the players, and the front office enjoyed the moment of relief.

Kim Jong-geun, known as the broom man, also shared this joy. The abbreviated regular season championship held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 7th. At the moment of the ceremony, they visited the stadium even though it was a distant away game. In particular, the broadcast screen at the time showed Kim Jong-geun, the ‘Broom Man’, shedding hot tears, and many LG fans also felt a very emotional moment.Mr. Jong-geun Kim, who was contacted by MHN Sports on the afternoon of the 6th, said, “I had mixed feelings. I have received a lot of criticism and swearing while listening to the broom. Starting with ‘What’s the use of a broom in a baseball stadium?’, ‘I’m not even a beggar,’ etc. “I have heard many stories that are too harsh to say,” he said. “Actually, this broom was given to me as a gift by Uncle Dharma, who passed away in 2014. At that time, when ‘Uncle Dharma’ gave me the broom as a gift, he said, ‘When LG wins. “Carry it all the way,” he told me faithfully. “I cried because I was able to keep that promise,” he said.

Then, to the late ‘Uncle Dharma’, Mr. Kim Jong-geun said, “I believe that my brother will be watching from heaven. No matter what anyone says, I am going to the baseball field with a broom again today to keep my promise to ‘Uncle Dharma’. I will do my best even for my brother. “I will do my best,” he said, adding, “I hope that heaven will cheer for LG, whom we all love, to win the Korean Series this year.”

Jong-geun Kim’s original job was as an interpreter who simultaneously interpreted English and German. He watched over 70 LG games every year. Since then, this season, he has been cheering on LG by going to every game and shouting ‘Win Now’. Mr. Jong-geun Kim expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “I felt that LG’s momentum was unusual from the beginning of this year. I watched 94 games this season.”

Kim Jong-geun’s ‘LG love’ began in 1994. At the time, Kim Jong-geun, who was looking for an ‘independence activist’ corporate team, decided to become a Twins fan after seeing LG founder and chairman Koo In-hoe. 

Also, Mr. Kim Jong-geun suffered from a loss in death 18 years ago, in 2005. Accordingly, he suffered from panic disorder and had unspeakable circumstances that prevented him from living his daily life without prescription medication. 

In times like this, it was LG that helped Kim Jong-geun. He said, “Among ball games, baseball is the only sport that requires people to come in to score points. When I saw this, I saw my life. “It was LG baseball that gave me hope and made me feel joy when I was only lamenting about my situation,” he 먹튀검증said. “As I was going out to the baseball field, at some point I stopped taking prescription medication for panic disorder and my worries disappeared. “LG was the best prescription drug for me,” he said.

Among the LG players, the player Kim Jong-geun was most attached to was Oh Ji-hwan. Regarding this, Kim Jong-geun said, “I liked Oh Ji-hwan since he was a rookie. The environment he grew up in. The way he played baseball hard and his fighting spirit were so cool that I always cheered him on, including by making placards. Then one day, before the game, I opened the central entrance of the baseball stadium. “While I was waiting for Oh Ji-hwan in front, Oh Ji-hwan approached me first and took a photo with me. I was very touched by the way he approached the fan first.” 

He added, “I heard this from Jung Woo-young and Lee Ji-kang later, but Oh Ji-hwan said, ‘Be the player who approaches the fans first.’ He is a player who deserves respect from all baseball fans, including LG fans.”

LG is now preparing to win the ‘Korean Series’, which is a long-held dream and the wishes of fans. As of the 7th, among the top 5 teams, LG has a superior record against 4 teams (KT, Doosan, SSG) excluding NC. Accordingly, LG is expected to show a strong performance in the Korean Series, just like in the regular season. To achieve the final goal, Kim Jong-geun and other LG fans behind the team also take powerful steps together.

Lastly, Mr. Kim Jong-geun said, “During LG’s last win in 1994, young players and senior players, including coach Kim Jae-hyun and commentator Ryu Ji-hyun, played fearlessly. We can do it this season as well. Even if the players are losing, they say, ‘We can do it.'” “I hope you show the fighting spirit to shout,” he concluded.

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