Bayern cancels ‘legend’ Boateng’s comeback

Bayern Munich has withdrawn its emergency signing of Jerome Boateng.

On the 7th (Korean time), Bayern announced on its website, ‘Jerome Boateng will not return to the Bayern squad. “The decision was made on Friday (the 6th local time), and we informed Boateng of this decision, who has devoted himself to us for a long time.”

Boateng is a defender who once showed world-class skills at Bayern. He played as a starter for Bayern and the German national team and enjoyed all of the world’s greatest glory: the UEFA Champions League (UCL) and the World Cup.

Recently, Boateng has not had a team. Boateng, who left Bayern on a farewell tour about two years ago, continued his career at Olympique Lyonnais in France. Although he played well in his first season, he lost the opportunity to play in the 2022-2023 season, his second year, due to poor physical condition and rumors of discord with the coach. He became a free agent this summer, but there was no news of him joining a new team or of his retirement at the age of 35 until the end of the transfer window.토토사이트

Accordingly, his former team, Bayern, proposed a comeback. Bayern failed to properly plan in the summer transfer market, leaving a hole in its squad. There were six central defenders last season, including professional and multi-player players, of which three were sent out: Lucas Hernández (Paris Saint-Germain), Benjamin Pavard (Inter Milan), Josip Stanisic (Bayer 04 Leverkusen loan), and only one Kim Min-jae was recruited. did. With the recruitment of Kim Min-jae, the quality has improved, but the quantity has decreased significantly. There were only three center backs. In addition, with candidate center back Matthijs De Ligt and prospect Tariq Buchman both leaving due to injury, Dayot Upamecano and Kim Min-jae are now in a situation where they have to play the entire game.

As Upamecano and Kim Min-jae both had to play full-time in important games despite suffering minor injuries, Bayern, who were looking for a backup, called in Boateng. Boateng trained with the Bayern first team for about two weeks. It was a kind of entrance test.

Regarding the reason Bayern withdrew its plan to recruit Boateng, ‘Kim Min-jae and Upamecano are now playing without pain, and De Ligt is also going smoothly with the return process. He said, “The problem of central defense players has been greatly alleviated.” De Ligt could return soon, so there is no need for an emergency recruitment.

However, Bayern emphasized that there was no particular problem with the former player, who was looking for a new team, and suggested that Boateng could continue training with our team to maintain his physical condition. Boateng showed good physical condition, he said.

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