An apology from the mother of a child who poured liquid on Line 5… “It’s all my fault”

Recently, a female middle school student was heavily criticized after an image of her behaving in a manner that violates public etiquette, such as spraying lens cleaning fluid on a Seoul subway chair and swearing loudly, was revealed online. It is known that the student posted a public apology on her online community immediately after the incident and sent an email directly to Citizen A, who pointed out her actions at the time, expressing her reflection.

In an interview with Kookmin Ilbo on the 4th, Mr. A said that student B was truly reflecting and that he had received several apology emails from B’s mother. He said, “I thought Ms. B’s mother seemed like an upright person, a true mother who tried to discipline her child in the right way,” and “I don’t think society needs to point out any further criticism or punishment to Ms. B and her mother.” He said.

This incident occurred on the 5th of last month at approximately 3:40 pm on a Line 5 train traveling from Misa to Banghwa. Ms. B and her friends sprayed lens cleaner on subway chairs, played music loudly, and swore. When Mr. A pointed out Ms. B’s behavior, Ms. B and her friends took pictures of Ms. A and placed their cosmetics on the subway chair. When Mr. A revealed the story online and public anger grew, Ms. B left a comment saying that she wanted to send an apology email to Mr. A. Accordingly, Mr. A gave his email address to Ms. B.

On the 26th of last month, Ms. B sent an email to Mr. A, saying, “Taking the photo was a wrong action, so he would like to apologize. The photo was completely deleted. It was my birthday that day and I was angry because her mom kept calling me. “I’m sorry she caused any harm to a public space,” she said. He said, “I think I started singing while watching my friends’ Instagram stories. “We will ensure that no damage is caused to public spaces토토사이트 in the future,” he promised.

In response, Mr. A responded on the same day and said, “She behaved incorrectly even though she knew what she should and should not do in public places. “Please make a promise to your friend about how you will behave in the future and then post a public apology.” He continued, “I think parents should know about this. “A good parent would give appropriate discipline for this,” he added.

After Mr. A’s reply, Ms. B posted a public apology on an online community with the title, ‘I am a student who sprayed lens cleaning fluid on the subway line 5.’ In her apology, Ms. B wrote, “We are very sorry for making a loud noise in a public place and spraying lens cleaning liquid on chairs where many people were sitting,” and added, “We will never do anything like this in the future.”

After Ms. B’s apology letter was posted, Mr. A also received an email from Ms. B’s mother. Ms. B’s mother said, “My child has made mistakes a hundred times,” and added, “I think he should be punished for his mistakes. “It was my fault for not paying attention to home education under the pretext of being busy,” she wrote.

Afterwards, Ms. B’s mother wrote a detailed account of Ms. B’s reflection and subsequent actions on 13 occasions and sent it to Mr. A by email. Ms. B and her mother visited Gangdong Station together, met with station officials, and reportedly expressed their intention to compensate for damage to subway chairs.

In this interview, Ms. A shared the contents of emails she exchanged with Ms. B’s mother. In Ms. A’s last email, in which she expressed hope that her child would grow up to be a proper and mature adult in the future, Ms. B’s mother said, “You gave her the opportunity to correct her child’s outrageous behavior. “I will discipline her well,” she is said to have replied.

Mr. A said, “I came here with the hope that this incident would lead to a better life for the child. “I also felt hope that there is still one more great parent in our society,” he said. “I hope that other people who have heard of this incident will support the child’s future rather than criticizing the child, and think that there is hope for the next generation of this society.” “I hope so,” he said.

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