Fairway or bunker? Give me my green fee back!

Silk Valley GC in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do is a 27-hole golf course located at the foot of Imosan Mountain in Icheon. The overall length is wide and long, and it boasts a course rating that even beginners and intermediate golfers can enjoy with ease. The downside is the smell from the barn near the golf course. Depending on the weather, it may be strong in some holes, but it is said to be bearable if you consider it in advance.

The course was designed by Songho Design. CEO Song Ho is known to have designed over 80 domestic golf courses, including Wellington, Namchon, Dongchon, St. Four, De Beach, Kingsdale, The Players, The Star Hue, and Maple Beach. It has a reputation for creating creative and professional golf courses suited to the domestic terrain.
We visited Silk Valley GC in Icheon to introduce a cost-effective stadium in the fall, the season of golf.

As of the second part of the weekend in September, it costs 190,000 won. This is a relatively reasonable price compared to the green fee of 300,000 won for the same time at South Springs CC, which is not far away on the same day. If you take the national highway for about 20 minutes from Iljuk IC, about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Gangnam, you can find a simple clubhouse.

When I visited twice last year in May and July, I was impressed by the lawn care. I remember being delighted and amazed throughout the game by the dense sheep grass that would be found on an expensive golf course, shaking up the stereotype that ‘if the green fee is cheap, the stadium is poorly managed.’ On this day, I played a round of the Valley and Lake courses. While the Lake Course is easy and has wide fairways, the Valley Course is a challenging course that requires accuracy.

Course introduction-Silk, Valley, Lake

This is a spacious and comfortable 27-hole golf course consisting of a total of 27 holes: Silk, Valley, and Lake. Except for the valley course, the fairways are generally long and wide, making it suitable for beginners to advanced golfers. The course rating is not boring due to the well-placed holes and dogleg holes that boast wide views. In particular, uphills and downhills create characteristics for each hole and adjust the difficulty level.

The silk course is the widest and most comfortable. The left and right battlefields are wide, so there is less pressure on tee shots. There is more flat ground than uphill so it is easy. As the name suggests, the Lake Course has hazards in all but one hole. A course with the fun of attacking the green while avoiding hazards.

The Valley Course is the most difficult of the three courses. There are many dogleg holes, many uphill slopes, and the tee shot landing zone is very narrow. The correct direction of the tee shot is important. The rough is tough, so it is best to stay in the fairway. The greens are generally flat and the speed is said to be around 2.5.

-A test bed that demands accuracy with every shot… The 7th hole of the Valley Course

is a 350 meter uphill par 4 hole. This is the hole that I personally felt was the most difficult. First of all, if you look at it from the teeing ground, the tee shot landing point is very narrow, so there is a lot of psychological pressure. If you hit your tee shot accurately, this is a hole where you must send your second shot past the hazard to the green. In particular, since it is not short, it is possible to hit the green with a long iron or utility, making it easy to apply force.

If the pin is inserted on the right side, the difficulty level increases even more. If you safely target the left side of the green with the feeling of approaching once more, you can maintain your number of strokes. If you aim for the pin clumsily, it is easy to lose the ball in a hazard. In particular, the difficulty level increases further as the climb continues all the way to the pin. This is a hole where rewards are given based on accurate shots.

Good tips to knowSweeping Korean Grass vs. Downblow Sheep Grass

If you go to a golf course with sheep grass in spring and fall, you can play on the best grass course, and in summer, it is better to go to a Korean grass stadium. Sheep grass is resistant to cold and remains green almost all year round. Representative examples include Kentucky bluegrass, which is widely used in fairways, and bentgrass, which is used on greens.

Sheep grass loves water and requires 1.5 times more water for growth than Korean grass. In the high temperatures of summer, it is easy to get sick due to stress. Korean grass refers to a high-temperature grass that grows well in warm summer climates. The leaves are wide and stiff, the height is short, and the density between the grass is not high, so when a ball is placed on the grass, it floats on the grass. However, as October passes, the leaves turn yellow early.

In Korean turf, the ball floats on the grass and the ground planted with grass is rough, so it is advantageous to sweep the ball. On the other hand, in the case of sheep grass, the density between the grasses is large, so if the club hits the grass first, there is no space for the club to escape, resulting in a situation where the ball moves without force. Therefore, in the case of sheep grass, hitting the ball first through a down blow can produce good results.

-The melted sheep grass… Even the cheap green fee is a waste.

Is it because this summer was unusually hot and rainy? The nice sheep grass has melted away around the cart path and bunkers. Sand is sprinkled over it, making it no different from a bunker. From the first hole, I was surprised by the divot-filled fairway and the missing grass everywhere, so I asked the caddy if the other holes were okay토토사이트. She received the answer like a thunderclap that all holes were similar.

She experienced unbelievable fairways throughout her round. At this rate, shouldn’t she be accepting guests? Because of the messy fairway, my companions complained here and there, and I also felt uncomfortable throughout the round, making it difficult to play properly.

Receiving the same green fee without explaining the damaged fairway is deceiving consumers. The golf course must share with consumers the daily maintenance status, whether aeration work is in progress, and the schedule, and set a green fee appropriate for it.

It is a responsible management attitude towards consumers who pay expensive green fees and visit the golf course. There is also a growing need for golfers to participate more actively in the review and round review culture. I looked for a cost-effective stadium, but left only disappointed.

*This article was written based on the round held on September 10th, and may differ from the current fairway conditions at Icheon Silk Valley GC.

▶This article was published in the October issue of the Leader, a magazine specializing in legislative affairs.

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