Excellent leadership? U-12 coach promoted to head coach of Japan baseball team at lightning speed

 Current U-12 (youth) national team coach Hirokazu Ibata (48) was appointed먹튀검증 as the new head coach of the Japanese baseball team. 

Japanese media reported on the 3rd that Coach Ibata was selected as the next head coach of the national team with the approval of the Japan Strengthening Committee. Coach Ibata will lead the Asia Professional Championship 2023, which opens at Tokyo Dome on November 16.  

The Japanese national team has faced difficulties over the next head coach since coach Hideki Kuriyama (62), who led the team to the WBC championship last March, retired. Japanese media revealed the reason for the appointment, saying they ultimately decided on Coach Inaba, who has extensive representative experience as a player and coach.  

New manager Ibata is a former shortstop at Chunichi and led Chunichi’s golden era in the 2000s with solid defense, sophisticated hitting, and mobility. He had a 17-year career batting average of . 

He was selected as the 2013 WBC representative and led the championship with a batting average of .500 and 6. He moved to Yomiuri in 2014 and retired at the end of 2015. He served as coach of Yomiuri, and coach of the youth national team and college national team, before being appointed as coach of the U-12 national team in 2022. 

He appears to have been recognized for his extraordinary leadership in that he rose to the top of the Japanese national team despite having no professional coaching experience.

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