“I could only moan from the pain of having four fingers amputated”… Firefighter in his 40s who saved his life has ‘intuition’

 A firefighter who heard a moan over the phone and sensed an accident had메이저사이트 occurred saved a man in his 40s who had suffered a finger amputation.

According to Newsis on the 30th of last month, an unanswered 119 call was made at 4:06 pm on this day.

Fire Commissioner Lim Hye-jin, a member of the Gyeonggi Province Fire and Disaster Headquarters 119 General Situation Room, who received the report, felt strange that there was no sound and listened closely to the call. Then, a groan was heard over the phone, and Fire Commissioner Lim immediately checked the GPS location of the reporter’s cell phone and issued a dispatch order.

When the fire department arrived at the scene at 4:21 p.m., they found Mr. A (47) with his arm caught in a machine in the mold manufacturing factory.

It is known that Mr. A suffered an accident in which four fingers on his right hand were amputated while working alone at a mold manufacturing factory in Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, and was unable to properly report it.

The Gyeonggi Fire Department transported Mr. A by helicopter considering the traffic situation during the Chuseok holiday, and it was reported that his life was not in danger.

An official from the Gyeonggi Fire Department said, “This is an example of a situation that could have been dismissed as a misreport, but a precious life was saved by quickly dispatching crews without missing the signal for survival until the end,” and added, “The Gyeonggi Fire Department will always strive to ensure the safety of the residents of the province.”

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