“Shoot a punch!” at a subordinate is also harassment in the workplace… 70% of office workers “experience damage”

In the past, this was something I just threw out without much thought, but now I think we need to think about it from the other person’s perspective. “Take a hit” to a colleague is an expression many people have used. However, the Labor Relations Commission ruled that if a superior forces a subordinate, it constitutes workplace harassment.

This is reporter Choi Won-young.

A superior forces a new employee to buy lunch.

Since you received your first paycheck, you can say “take a bite”, but this is a case of ‘workplace bullying’ where a superior forces you to serve a meal regardless of your will.

The same goes for a superior publicly swearing at a gathering of colleagues메이저사이트, saying, “If you get paid a lot, get your money’s worth.”

These are all cases of ‘workplace bullying’ recently disclosed by the Labor Relations Commission.

Kim Tae-gi / Chairman of the Central Labor Relations Commission
“In order to implement a program to preventively resolve workers’ grievances, it was necessary to understand the actual status of harassment.”

The number of ‘workplace bullying’ relief applications filed with the committee has more than doubled in two years, from 118 in 2020 to 246 last year, and 145 cases have already been filed in the first half of this year alone.

There is also a survey by the Korea Labor Institute that found that 70% of office workers suffered damage.

Mr. A / Victim of workplace bullying (last February)
“Women sell smiles and receive material benefits from 0000 men.”

The Labor Relations Commission explained that forcing employees to take vacation only at certain times or preventing them from applying for overtime work is workplace harassment.

This is TV Chosun Choi Won-young.

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