Disgusting smell in new apartment… Well-packed human waste on the ceiling

The occupants are shocked after human waste was discovered in a famous apartment building about to move in.

The construction company in charge of constructing the apartment is not actively seeking compensation for the damage, claiming that it was someone’s deliberate act, considering that the human waste was well packaged.

According to the Yonhap News coverage on the 30th, Mr. A, an office worker living in Gyeonggi-do, had difficulty breathing due to the foul smell that stung his nose after opening the door of the master bedroom on the 15th on the preliminary inspection day of his new apartment. He looked for the source of his smell and found it was the ceiling of the master bathroom. Inside the black plastic bag was human waste carefully wrapped in paper, and it had a disgusting smell. He immediately removed the human waste outside and had a construction company official check it.

Mr. A, who had been living in a studio apartment after getting married in March of this year, was looking forward to moving in as this apartment was virtually his newlywed home, but was greatly shocked by her behavior. She says that because of her memories of human excrement, she lost any desire to live in the new apartment in the future. The construction company’s insincere response was enough to cause discomfort to Mr. A’s family.

It was found that the construction company did not immediately and clearly apologize even after confirming the human waste and did not provide any follow-up measures. Only after Mr. A protested strongly more than 10 times over 10 days did she say that she would renew the wallpaper and ceiling of the bathroom and carry out antibacterial and quarantine work. He stated that he could not provide financial compensation for psychological damage.

It was also revealed that the construction company confirmed that there was a bad smell coming from Mr. A’s house before conducting a preliminary inspection of the apartment for residents, but only turned on the exhaust fan without먹튀검증 looking for human waste. It has been reported that rumors have already spread in the online community of Mr. A’s apartment, which is a large complex.

Mr. A said, “I couldn’t even meet the person in charge of the construction company for three days after the human feces came out. It’s so absurd to see them acting like it’s no big deal.” He added, “My wife, who was dreaming of a new house, is so disappointed. I will continue to worry about the memories of the human feces.” “I don’t know if I can live long. I got angrier because the construction company seemed to suspect it was a self-inflicted play.”

The construction company responded to media coverage as if it was no big deal.

A construction company official claimed that in the past, workers had urinated and defecated inside the house while working, but during the recent preliminary inspection, the apartment’s bathroom was also available, so they would not have done such a shameless thing. However, since the packaging material for the human waste was believed to be paper used at construction sites, they decided that someone had done it to slander the company, so they checked the CCTV and reported it to the police.

However, it is said that the apartment complex containing Mr. A’s house was unable to use the toilet because water did not come out even on the day of the preliminary inspection. This is different from the construction company’s claim that workers were able to use toilets.

An official from the construction company said, “The pre-inspection is to open the house to the residents for a short time during construction, and it will be reorganized and completed by the move-in date,” and said that it was not a big problem because human waste came out before move-in. He then claimed, “Judging from the way the human waste was packaged and placed, it does not seem like the workers left it on the floor to do their business, but rather to raise an issue for impure purposes. The human waste was not old.”

However, he said, “We are sorry to the residents, so we have decided to do what we can. We will be more thorough in management to prevent incidents like this from happening in the future.”

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