Why did my younger brother use a weapon when his older brother said, “Let’s leave my cat alone?”

 “I’m going on a trip. Let’s leave the cat with me.”

On June 28, 2021, Mr. A (in his 40s) was shaken when he heard these words over the phone from his older brother, Mr. B (in his 40s). After much deliberation, Ms. A refused her older brother’s request.

Angry, Mr. B hung up the phone and went to the house where Mr. A and her parents lived in Nam-gu, Busan.

About 10 minutes after Mr. B visited the house, the house was covered in Mr. B’s blood stains. His younger brother, Mr. A, committed murder by stabbing Mr. B’s body several times with a weapon.

What’s the story behind these people to make something like this happen?

It is said that Mr. B has been making disparaging remarks to Mr. A since he was young.

Mr. A also heard from Mr. B, “When your parents die, instead of putting the property in my name, I will give you 1 million won per month.” Naturally, his feelings toward his older brother were not good either.

Mr. B also asked his parents to sell the house in his mother’s name and the house his parents bought for him all at once and buy a luxury apartment.

Naturally, the parents refused, but Mr. B became angry and ordered Mr. A, who was living in the house under his name, to vacate immediately.

At that time, Mr. A injured his back while trying to move in a hurry, and먹튀검증 this incident led to a sharp deterioration in the relationship between Mr. B, Mr. A, and his parents.

In this situation, because Mr. B asked him to take care of the cat, Mr. A was reluctant to readily respond to her request.

On the day of the incident, Mr. A saw that Mr. B was treating his parents carelessly because his mother had scolded him, so he stabbed Mr. B in several parts of the body with a weapon, killing him on the spot.

While sentencing Mr. A to 9 years in prison, the court took into account the fact that the murder was instigated by Mr. B.

The first trial court ruled, “Murder is a serious crime whose damage cannot be recovered by any means, and considering the fact that the defendant must be held severely responsible, it is necessary to isolate him from society for a long period of time.”

However, he said, “The sentence was determined considering the fact that the defendant is confessing to the crime and that he will likely live with the guilt that his own brother died because of his own fault.”

Mr. A and the prosecution appealed for unfair sentencing, but the appellate court dismissed both sides’ appeals.

Mr. A submitted an appeal after the second trial ruling, but eventually withdrew the appeal.

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