Gangwon FC showed quick response and rescued a fan who had fallen unconscious… Fans who showed their wit by sounding the ‘siren’ also shined 

During the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 31st round match between Gangwon FC and Incheon United held at Gangneung Stadium on the 24th, an emergency situation occurred where a man suddenly collapsed. Fortunately, the Gangwon FC team was well-versed in the ‘first aid manual’ and responded quickly, and the fans also actively helped, so it did not lead to a major accident.

The situation is like this. Around the 17th minute of the first half, a man believed to be in his 50s or 60s, who was watching the game from seats E, stood up and suddenly lost consciousness and fell down. As a result, fans nearby called for help by shouting ‘119’, and the fan holding the megaphone in the Gangwon FC supporters’ seat blared a siren and urgently called for paramedics and medical staff.

Gangwon FC quickly deployed an ambulance, paramedics, medical staff, and security personnel and sent them to the place where the collapsed fan was. Referee Lee Dong-jun, who was in charge that day, immediately blew his whistle to stop the game. Fortunately, the fan who had lost consciousness regained consciousness shortly after and left the stadium with the help of a paramedic.

A Gangwon FC official said, “A male fan, estimated to be in his 50s or 60s먹튀검증, fell unconscious while standing up while watching the game. Fortunately, he regained consciousness when paramedics, medical staff, and security personnel arrived, and he left the stadium on foot and was taken to the hospital. “It’s done,” he explained the situat

Fortunately, the male fan regained consciousness on his own right after collapsing, so it did not lead to a dangerous situation, but thanks to the quick response of the Gangwon FC team and the fans who actively took action as if it were their own, a bigger accident was prevented.

When an actual emergency situation occurred, the Gangwon FC team quickly followed the ‘first aid manual’, dispatched an ambulance, and quickly dispatched personnel to the place where the collapsed male fan was. All the fans also actively helped by sending emergency signals, such as shouting ‘119’. In particular, the fan holding the megaphone showed off his wit by blaring a siren sound.

In the K-League this season, emergency situations are occurring one after another in which fans visiting the stadium suddenly lose consciousness and collapse. In particular, the heat wave was especially rampant this summer, and several dizzying accidents occurred, such as people showing symptoms of hyperventilation or patients suffering from heat-related illnesses while watching a game in the ‘sweltering heat’.

Fortunately, the federation had prepared a ‘first aid manual’ well, and the clubs followed it well, so it did not lead to a major accident. In fact, club executives, employees, players, and referees are receiving first aid training, including CPR. In addition to consistent education, we are continuously improving the ‘First Aid Manual’ to create an environment where everyone can safely watch and enjoy soccer.

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