“(Heo) Hoon hyung makes fun of me…” Moon Jeong-hyeon, the No. 1 rookie heading to Hangzhou

Moon Jeong-hyeon headed to Hangzhou. 

The Republic of Korea men’s basketball team departed through Incheon Airport on the 23rd to participate in the 19th Hangzhou Asian Games. 

The determination of the national team heading to the Asian Games, led by coach Chu Il-seung, was solemn. The youngest member, Moon Jeong-hyeon (KT), also showed a strong will to win the gold medal. Moon Jung-hyun, who played as the best college forward at Korea University, was selected by KT as the first overall pick in the KBL draft held on the 21st.

Moon Jeong-hyeon said, “I feel proud of the fact that I can compete under the Taegeukgi and I will definitely help my brothers win a gold medal. Participating in the Asian Games is an honor and an opportunity that is not easily given to everyone, so I am honored to be able to go. I can go with my brothers.” “I was happy, and I really worked hard to get started with my mind set strong,” he said.

For Moon Jeong-hyun, the training period after being called up to the national team was also a time of learning. He, who is currently the only college student on the national team, expressed his deep gratitude to the players accompanying him to Hangzhou as well as his older brothers who fell out of the race due to injury or were excluded from the final entry. 

Moon Jeong-hyeon said, “In addition to the brothers who are currently going to Hangzhou, I was with great seniors on the national team, including (Moon) Seong-gon, (Song) Gyo-chang, and (Oh) Se-geun, and I heard a lot of great things from them and was able to learn from them. It was a great time. I think it was a great experience and an opportunity for growth for me to work with the best players. So I tried to learn without missing anything, and I would like to express my gratitude to the brothers who had to leave due to injury, even though it is really unfortunate. “I want to,” he sai

Moon Jung-hyun, who is not easily discouraged, drew attention by sending a ‘shhh’ ceremony to the opposing player during an evaluation match against Japan held in July. However, Moon Jung-hyun emphasized that at the Asian Games, he would unconditionally focus on the team’s victory rather than external aspects. 

Moon Jeong-hyun said, “Rather than thinking about those things, the most important thing is the team’s victory. If I enter the game, I want to dedicate myself to the team and help in the defensive area. If I do well, the team will also do well.” “If everything goes well, you can expect such a gesture or ceremony,” he said.

Although it was early in the morning, Incheon Airport was crowded with fans waiting to see off the national team players. Moon Jung-hyun, who received a lot of attention and love through the draft as well as the college league, showed his determination to repay his fans. He also expressed his gratitude by gifting coffee to the fans who visited his departure site. 

Jeong-Hyeon Moon expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am very grateful to먹튀검증 the fans who came to watch the game and gave me many kind words through social media messages. However, I am sorry for not being able to reply to them individually, and I want to repay them by conveying this gratitude to the fans even after the Asian Games.” did. 

Moon Jeong-hyun, who is only a short time away from making his KBL debut, is already working closely with fellow KT players Heo Hoon (scheduled to be discharged in November) and Ha Yoon-gi on the national team. Ha Yoon-ki is Moon Jeong-hyun’s senior at Korea University, and Heo Hoon is a very friendly player. 

Moon Jeong-hyun said, “(Heo) Hoon always teases me a lot, but he teases me because I have affection for him. (Laughs) He said that we should do well together, ‘Wait for your brother to come back from the military and work hard.’ The KT trio will participate in the Asian Games together. “I wish I could work hard and win a gold medal, and I hope Hoon gets discharged early and starts the season right from the opening game,” he said with a smile.

Finally, Moon Jeong-hyun expressed his determination, “I will go to the Asian Games and win a gold medal with my brothers and come back. Also, thank you for your support, I would be grateful if you look forward to the upcoming season as well.”


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