‘Because Kim Hee-jin is here’… IBK Industrial Bank aims for a spurt after the second round!

“In the end, (Kim) Hee-jin needs to come back quickly.”

Middle blocker (center) Kim Hee-jin (32) is the history of IBK Industrial Bank 먹튀검증of Korea. In the 2010-2011 season, she was selected as the new team’s first choice in the V League Women’s Rookie Draft. Since joining IBK Industrial Bank, she has been with the team. He left the lineup in February of this year due to a knee injury and is preparing for the new season as a middle blocker under the guidance of coach Kim Ho-cheol.

Kim Hee-jin has suffered quite a few injuries since her debut. It took a long time for her physical condition to return to the point where she can now begin training to handle the ball. However, the expectations of the head coach and team members for Kim Hee-jin are still high. Kim Hee-jin, whom we met at the gym at the Giheung Training Center of the Industrial Bank of Korea in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, said, “It was very difficult mentally because I had never been rehabilitated for this long. “She has improved a lot now, but she still feels pain and anxiety when landing after jumping, so she is trying to overcome it,” he explained about her physical condition.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea will go on field training in Japan from September 25th to October 4th. We plan to play 6 to 7 warm-up matches with local teams, and Coach Kim plans to put Kim Hee-jin in one set in each game to check her physical condition. “With middle blocker (Kim) Su-ji transferring to Heungkuk Life Insurance, (Lim) Hye-rim, (Choi) Jeong-min, and (Kim) Hyun-jeong must fill the gap. However, in the end, (Kim) Hee-jin needs to come back around the second round,” said the head coach, who desperately needs Kim Hee-jin to return quickly.

Kim Hee-jin is also rushing to return for the team. As a veteran, “There must be a leader on the court. “He tells everyone to be a leader on the court, regardless of whether they are senior or junior,” he said, sparing no advice to the team. He himself only thinks about the team rather than his personal records. He said, “In fact, there was a time when I chased after records. However, the results did not go as I expected,” he said. “Variables such as injuries always follow players. “My job is to move in harmony with the team as much as possible,” he emphasized.

Even in his calm tone, it was clear that he wanted to rise high again with the team. Kim Hee-jin said, “The foreign player on our team is an apothecary spiker (Brittany Abercrombie). “As a middle blocker, I have to move nimbly in the center so that the attackers can attack comfortably,” he said. “I will make plays that can keep the opponent in check.” The skills of the juniors have soared, and (Hwang) Min-kyung, whose strength is sound play, has also joined our team. “I will do my best to help the team achieve its goal of advancing to spring volleyball,” she pledged.

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