Japan ‘Shocked’ by sexual assault death of 100-year-old grandmother… The culprit is an old man in his 70s.

An incident occurred in a nursing home in Hokkaido, Japan, where an elderly woman over 100 years먹튀검증 old was sexually assaulted by a 79-year-old man and died. According to local media such as Yahoo News and Hokkaido TV Broadcasting ( HTB

) on the 13th (local time), Mr. A (79), a man who moved into a nursing hospital in Kushiro, Hokkaido, on the afternoon of the 7th was a 100-year-old man living in the same facility. He broke into the hospital room of a woman over three years old, sexually assaulted her, and then ran away. A nursing home employee discovered the crime scene and immediately provided first aid to Mr. B, but Mr. B died 3 and a half hours after being taken to the hospital. The medical staff said, “There was no time to do anything,” and added, “There were no injuries on her body, and it is presumed that she was a soldier.” During the police investigation, Mr. A admitted his charges. It is known that he committed the crime after knowing that the victim had difficulty moving and communicating. A police official said, “We are conducting additional investigations into Mr. A’s motive for the crime and the causal relationship between the sexual assault and death.”

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