Artificial intelligence does not memorize numbers

Seongjin Won’s Baduk is called ‘One Punch’. Is one hit like that strong? As I reach my late 30s, I look back먹튀검증 on my baduk. “When I was young, I was definitely slow on my feet. I insisted on being thick and strong in finishing. That’s why I often struggled with my slow feet in the beginning. It was when I was a teenager. I think I saw my shortcomings, so I tried to fix them and tried to fight them gradually. When I was in my 20s. “It was the most combative. I tried to use my thickness in battle to make a big comeback. I think that’s why it became ‘one punch’.”

These days, the baduk teacher is artificial intelligence. Shin Jin-seo, who is said to be number one in the world, also looks for answers in the numbers shown by artificial intelligence. One Punch also would not have been able to achieve timeless grades in his mid-30s if he had not spent time studying with artificial intelligence. “There are juniors who memorize all the changes that artificial intelligence tells them. I’m not like that. I don’t look at them in depth. I can’t memorize them all anyway. My goal is to get a feel for them.”After hitting from below, there is no place to fight. Both of them move more carefully to avoid being caught in a parry. As I’m heading towards the end, the white house fence is widening in the middle. It was better to not respond when I put it at black 15 and put it at white 16. <Image> If you follow the hand with White 2, you can trust the solid wall formed by Black 3 and cut through to 5.

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