‘Trust has already been broken’ Ten Haag’s key guitar “Sancho? I don’t know”

 “Sancho? I don’t know.”

Manchester United manager Erik ten Haag has expressed a negative 카지노stance on Jadon Sancho’s return to the squad. It appears that trust between the two sides has already broken down.

Sancho and coach Ten Haag crossed a river of no return due to the ‘protest incident’. Sancho openly expressed his dissatisfaction with coach Ten Haag’s hiring policy, and the two sides met in person to see if the issue could be resolved, but Sancho refused to apologize and Manchester United eventually excluded him from the first-team squad.

Ahead of the match against Brighton, coach Ten Haag struck a key. When asked about Sancho at a press conference ahead of the Brighton match, Ten Haag said: “We have a big game ahead of us. I’m only focused on that game. I don’t know how long the punishment will last, but I’ve thought about it. “I don’t. I only think about the game right now. I think about how the team needs to improve. We also need to play in the Champions League. There are a lot of things to consider to make the right decision.”

Ten Haag added: “I don’t think the Sancho problem is important. I have to prepare the team. That’s my job. My problem is not important, the team and the club are important.”

Ten Haag said: “Sancho is not available. So he is not important, because he cannot contribute to the team. I am always honest. It is about the team. I am not good at expressing what I can express about the team, about the team and about each individual. “I did everything,” he said.

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