Diving at Yanghwa Bridge at 100 km/h, risking one’s life, asked directly why / SBS News

On the afternoon of the 13th, someone dived from Yanghwa Bridge in Mapo-gu먹튀검증, Seoul.This is Choi Byeong-hwa, Korea’s first high diver. High diving is a sport in which you jump into the water from a platform higher than 20 meters.We met Byeong-Hwa Choi and heard the story behind high divers.Planning Ha Hyeon-jong / Producer Kwon Jae-kyung / Editing Jeong Hye-su / Brand design Kim Tae-hwa, Kim Ha-kyung / Administration Park Da-mi, Jeong A-reum, Lee Su-ah / Photography Jeong Hoon / Intern in charge Kim Gyeong-ju / Directing Lee Seul (SBS Broadcast News

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