Teacher slapped with ‘pooty diaper’… Parents’ abuse of power is ‘intrusive’

■ “Slap me in the face with a poopy diaper”.. Gabjil ‘I’m going to go to the middle

of the day’ Recently, an elementary school teacher in Daejeon committed suicide after complaining of ‘malicious complaints’, causing controversy. In Sejong, an unreasonable act of violence was committed against a teacher at a daycare center. It happened.

Sejong Southern Police Station announced on the 10th that a case was reported in 먹튀검증 which parent A slapped a daycare teacher with a ‘pooty diaper’.

A day before the slap, the parent reported the daycare teacher to 112 on charges of ‘child abuse’.

Last June, the front door of the daycare center was locked and the child was left in front of the door for about 50 seconds without being able to enter the daycare center. However, since no complaint has been filed, it is difficult to confirm any other specific details.

The teacher and daycare center director heard the report and went to the location of the child’s parents.
It was to ask the reason and explain the situation.

But parents chose violence instead of dialogue. The parent called the teacher into the bathroom, unfolded the ‘poo diaper’ and slapped the teacher. The shocked teacher is receiving treatment at the hospital.

■ “We should be able to punish bad parents just like we punish bad teachers.”

The husband of the teacher posted this in a petition for public approval at the National Assembly and requested protection of teaching rights.

The Sejong Area Daycare Center Association immediately held an emergency board meeting.
We also decided to investigate cases of teacher rights violations targeting all daycare centers in the Sejong region.

Yook Tae-yu, president of the Sejong Daycare Association, said, “With this incident as an opportunity, we will respond together at the daycare center level so that teachers do not have to endure it alone.”

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