“I filed a complaint against a parent who hit my wife in the face with a poopy diaper.”

A claim was made that a teacher at a daycare center in Sejong City was assaulted with a poopy diaper by a parent.

According to a report by Newsis quoting a daycare center official on the 13th, the incident occurred at a private hospital in Sejong City around 4 p.m. on the 10th. Daycare teacher A, who came to the hospital at the time, claimed that parent B had assaulted her with a diaper soaked in human waste.

Teacher A is said to have encountered this incident when he visited parent B, who was at the hospital, to apologize for the recent injury problem that occurred at the daycare center.

Newsis said, “If you look at the photo taken by the director of the daycare center who checked the scene at the time of the incident, you can see a shocking appearance where one side of Teacher A’s face카지노 was contaminated by human waste.” Teacher A was taken to the hospital immediately after the assault to receive treatment, and Parent B was injured. It was reported that a complaint has been filed with the police on these charges.

Teacher A’s husband also posted a petition to the National Assembly on the 12th with the title ‘Petition on the protection of daycare teachers’.

Mr. A’s husband wrote, “Have you seen pooping? I’ve seen kimchi pooping in makjang dramas, but I never thought I’d see pooping in real life,” and added, “I saw a picture of half of my wife’s face covered in poop.”

He continued, “Seeing my wife suffering from abusive parents, including verbal abuse, unreasonable demands, and false accusations of child abuse at the daycare center since the beginning of this year,

At the same time, he asked, “We can punish bad teachers, but what about teachers who cannot avoid bad parents?” and asked, “Please institutionalize a shield so that teachers can also defend themselves.”

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