“Parents poop on wife’s face” Sejong daycare center teacher’s husband is furious

 A teacher at a daycare center in Sejong City claimed that a parent hit him with a baby diaper먹튀검증 stained with feces.

Mr. A, who identified himself as the husband of a Sejong City daycare teacher, posted a post titled ‘Petition on the protection of daycare center teachers’ on the National Assembly’s petition for public consent on the 12th.

In this article, Mr. A said, “I saw the kimchi-smack in a bad drama, but I never thought I would see a poop-smack in real life.” He also said, “I saw a picture of half my wife’s face covered in poop.”

At the same time, he lamented, “Since the beginning of this year, I saw my wife suffering from abusive parents at the daycare center, including continuous verbal abuse, unreasonable demands, and false accusations of child abuse. I strongly encouraged her to resign, but this is what happened in the end.”

According to the report, the incident occurred in a hospital bathroom around 4:00 to 4:30 pm on the 10th. At the time, Mr. A’s wife, Mr. B (in her 50s), visited the parents in question.

This parent (in his 40s) reportedly claimed that Mr. B abused his child. Mr. A said, “If the police investigates the CCTV of a daycare center for child abuse, I think there will be many cases where the directors will press for an apology, even though it is unfair, for fear that additional inconclusive information will be revealed in addition to the investigation details .

” “I will be punished,” he said. Ms B was treated at the hospital by her family after she was assaulted, and she filed a police complaint against the parents for causing harm.

Mr. A ended his petition by saying, “We can punish bad teachers, but what do we do with teachers who cannot punish bad parents?”

As of 10:30 am on this day, 247 people are participating in the petition.

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