“I want to die”… A man lying on his back in the middle of a 10-lane road

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The story of a delivery motorcycle driver rescuing a drunk man on the road has become known.

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This video was filmed on a road near Jamsil Station in Songpa-gu, Seoul around 11pm at the end of last month.

A man suddenly appears jaywalking to the right of the delivery motorcycle.

It’s a big road with 10 lanes, so what are you going to do if an accident occurs?

But something even more absurd happens.

When I looked to see where this man had gone, I found him lying flat in the middle of the road먹튀검증.

While the motorcyclist was stopping at a traffic light, he saw this and ran away in fright.

He shakes the man to wake him up quickly, but the drunk man just keeps saying he wants to die.

The back and forth continued for a while, and when the motorcyclist said he would report it to the police, the man finally got up and disappeared somewhere.

Netizens who saw the video responded, “It’s a shame they found it early, it would have been a really big problem,” “Who on earth are they trying to turn into criminals?” and “The motorcycle righteous man saved the lives of many people.”

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