‘Suwon Refrigerator Infant’s Mother’ pregnant again… Her husband “didn’t know”

Let’s talk about the ‘Suwon refrigerator infant body case’, which is currently on trial먹튀검증. You will remember this incident a lot. It was just a few months ago. This is a mother who murdered her babies shortly after they were born and then put their bodies in the refrigerator for a long time. It came to light while she was investigating an undocumented child in May this year. It was an incident that caused great anger, and they already had three children, but in 2018 and 2019, they murdered their fourth and fifth children one by one and kept them in the refrigerator. The trial is currently underway, and during the interrogation yesterday, it became known that the mother and biological mother, Ms. A, are pregnant again, right? What can I say… It was shocking.

· Mother of ‘Suwon refrigerator infant body’ pregnant again
· Defense attorney, “Defendant is currently 15 weeks pregnant”
· Angry defense attorney, “Don’t you care about my husband’s contraception?”
· Police maintain non-transportation of father on charges of aiding and abetting murder · Police,
“We conducted an enhanced investigation, but there is no evidence”
· Mother Side: “Apply infanticide, not murder”

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