President Yoon approves motion to dismiss KBS President Kim Eui-cheol

On the 12th, President Yoon Seok-yeol approved the dismissal of KBS President Kim먹튀검증 Eui-cheol proposed by the KBS Board of Directors.

The Presidential Spokesperson’s Office announced this through a press notice this afternoon.

The KBS board of directors held a board meeting this morning and decided on a proposal to dismiss President Kim. Among the 11 registered directors, 6 directors recommended by passports voted in favor. All five directors recommended by the opposition party left before the vote, saying the dismissal of President Kim was unfair.

The KBS board of directors submitted a proposal to dismiss President Kim on the 30th of last month. The reasons for dismissal were deteriorating management due to large deficits, loss of leadership due to employees’ demands for resignation, loss of public trust due to unfair and biased broadcasting, consistent dereliction of duty and inaction in relation to separate collection of license fees, and failure to report to the board of directors in advance when labor-management agreements regarding employment security were reached. It was something that wasn’t there.

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