A 7-year-old Chinese child went to school carrying pork belly… “I want to give it to you, teacher.”

Chinese netizens’ attention was focused on an elementary school student who went to school carrying two large pieces of pork belly on his shoulders. In China, September 10th every year is ‘Teachers’ Day’, a time to express gratitude to teachers, and this student was going to school carrying a pork gift to give to his homeroom teacher.

On the 9th (local time), Chinese education-related media such as ‘Sohu Education’ highlighted the story of Xiaohao, a 7-year-old boy attending an elementary school in Chongqing.

Xiao Hao is a child who bought two chunks of pork belly as big as his height at his카지노 supermarket, hung them on a stick, and carried them to school on his back. Xiaohao’s appearance at school was taken in a photo and shared on Chinese social networking services ( SNS ).

According to the media, Xiaohao discovered high-quality pork belly at a market near his house on the 7th and thought he wanted to gift it to his homeroom teacher.

He immediately asked a supermarket employee to choose the best pork belly, then took two pieces of pork belly to the classroom and delivered them to the homeroom teacher.

In China, September 10th every year is Teacher’s Day, a time to express gratitude to teachers. In the past, Teachers’ Day was included in ‘Labor Day’ on May 1, but this date was directly set by the authorities in 1985 to raise the status of fallen teachers. Most Chinese schools start in early September, which also means expressing gratitude to teachers at this time.

Pork is also famous as the most preferred food ingredient in China. It is also common to exchange high-quality pork as gifts. Xiao Hao carries the heavy pork belly himself to express his gratitude to his homeroom teacher ahead of his teacher’s bow.

Regarding this, Xiaohao said to the media, “I was grateful that the teacher put in a lot of effort, so I prepared pork belly myself. Chongqing is famous for shabu-shabu, and pork belly is an essential ingredient in this dish. Everyone likes it, so I’m sure the teacher will like it too.” “I felt like it,” he explained the reason for delivering the pork belly gift.

When Xiaohao’s story was told, Chinese netizens unanimously poured out praise. One netizen said, “The actions of a cute elementary school student set off an alarm in the Chinese education community.”

In addition, “Xiaohao’s actions were a great comfort in these difficult times for both teachers and students,” “I will enjoy teaching my students,” and “We must strive to create a good educational environment so that such children can grow up properly.” There was a reaction.

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