Representative of Hwasa’s accusation group, “Performing in school uniform doesn’t seem like you’re being self-respecting.”

While Hwasa (real name Ahn Hye-jin, 28), who was accused of a performance on the stage of a university festival, was investigated by the police, the representative of the civic group that accused her said, “Hwasa’s obscene movements can have a worse impact than the Barbary Man.”

On the 11th, Shin Min-hyang, representative of the Student Parents’ Human Rights Protection Coalition, said on CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’, “Hwasa committed an act that was completely out of context with the choreography of the performance, and this constitutes an obscene act as defined in the crime of indecent performance.” He continued, “We did not make an emotional accusation, but we thoroughly reviewed the law with our attorney.”

CEO Shin argued that Hwasa’s choreography could have a more negative impact than ‘Barbarian Man’, which exposes one’s private parts. This is because an unspecified public, including minors, can see Hwasa through the video. Representative Shin said, “Even if it is a performance, it must be done according to the location and person,” and added, “It is the same as terrorism if it targets an unexpected large number of people.”

Hwasa recently revealed on YouTube that she suffered from negative comments after her performance became controversial. Representative Shin said, “Why don’t the public take responsibility for the hurt they received from Hwasa?” and “I am very embarrassed by Hwasa’s lack of reflection.” He continued, “All they can say is that they are having a hard time because of the malicious comments,” and “When I see them sing a new song or perform on stage in a school uniform, I don’t think they are taking it too hard.”

Hwasa appeared on JTBC on the 9th.He appeared on ‘Knowing Brothers’ wearing a modified school uniform and performed on stage. In online communities, “Bra top school uniforms aren’t real, right?” “Remodeling school uniforms like that to appeal one’s sex appeal would be controversial in any country in the world,” “You’re talented and talented, so why do you keep causing controversy yourself?” came the response.

On the other hand, there is also a counterargument that this is excessive intervention by parents who think, ‘I can ask for anything for my child.’ Kim Heon-sik, a popular culture critic, said, “I think the behavior of excessively intervening in everything for the sake of children’s education was also found in Hwasa’s case,” and added, “It is not appropriate for the police to intervene because a parent group that was not even at the concert filed a complaint먹튀검증.” did. He continued, “I think this is a case where the police came and stormed into a concert hall with an audience, saying they would protect their children just because they were parents.”

Mr. Kim said, “The commercialization of teenage sex, such as teenage idol members making sexual gestures, must be thoroughly prevented,” and added, “We must take into account the fact that Hwasa, who is in her 20s, did this at a college students’ festival.”

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