“Next year, Everland will just die”… Grandpa Fubao’s prophecy

“Next year, Everland is just dead.”

When Everland zookeeper Kang Cheol-won, known as ‘Fubao Installment’, said in a recent Book Live lecture, “You will be able to see twin baby pandas following their mother Aibao around early next year,” the audience burst into laughter. This means that the number of fans who are crazy about Fu Bao’s cute gestures is increasing, and with the addition of her twin brothers, Everland will become even more popular. The video of zookeeper Kang Cheol-won’s lecture was released on the Everland animal channel ‘Pupa TV’

on the 8th . Showing off his unique wit, he revealed Ai Bao’s daily childcare routine and the current status of the twin pandas, who are growing well. Zookeeper Kang said, “Due to the nature of pandas, breeding is difficult. The fertile period is only 1 to 3 days a year, and if you don’t time it correctly, you won’t be able to breed that year. You have to wait another year.” “It’s hard, but even if you do it, you never know, and you can only see it when the baby is about a month away.”

He then said, “I think the panda’s charm point is the eyes,” and shared a photo with the black markings removed from the eyes, adding, “This should never be revealed to others,” making the audience burst into laughter.

Regarding Fu Bao’s younger siblings, who were born in difficult times, he said, “Currently, the twins are looked after by the zookeeper and Ai Bao in turns for 10 days, and the twins can go to their mother when they are 4 months old.” He added, “Baby pandas start walking at 120 days and at 5 months. “I will chase after my mom,” he said.

Zookeeper Kang also suggested that we have a lot to learn about pandas’ parenting methods.

He said, “Just like looking in the mirror, what mom and dad do is education itself for a child. I realized that Ai Bao had a parenting method that people should learn.”

He continued, “Aibao has not made any effort to teach the baby about climbing trees and eating bamboo, etc.” He added, “When the baby panda climbs a tree, he watches with concern. He does not intervene at all. At first, he only looks at it when it is really dangerous, and he only watches it 100 times. “Even if you go up and down 500 or 1,000 times, they won’t get involved, so you have to do it yourself,” he explained.

He said, “If there is something you must do, it is to create a situation where you can do it on your own,” and “(even in childcare) providing too much help is absolutely not helpful.”

“I was happy from the moment Fubao was born.

Zookeeper Kang said, “I won’t be able to celebrate Fu Bao’s 4th birthday with me, but I will celebrate with him a lot.” He added, “I predicted separation when Fu Bao was born, and I knew when to leave, so I tend to먹튀검증 think about separation in advance.” “I practice a lot of hiding my feelings rather than letting go,” he added.

Meanwhile, Everland recently began discussions with China about the return of giant panda Fubao.

Everland Zoo Director Jeong Dong-hee held a press briefing at Panda World on the 24th of last month and said, “The panda-related agreement with China stipulates that the return time is ‘before the age of 4,'” and “We have been discussing with the Chinese side since last month, when Fu Bao celebrated his third birthday.” “We have started discussions, but have not yet received a specific answer,” he said.

Those with whom Everland Zoo is discussing Fubao’s return include the China Wildlife Conservation Association, which is in charge of wildlife management and policy in China, and the Giant Panda Conservation Research Center, Everland’s panda research partner.

‘Fu Bao’s’ twin brothers were born on July 7th. The twins were all female, and the first and second twins weighed 180g and 140g at birth. The baby pandas have grown rapidly over the past two months and are now known to weigh over 3kg.

Their names have not been decided yet, so they are currently called by nicknames such as ‘1st Bao and 2nd Bao’ and ‘First Bao and Second Bao’. The baby pandas are expected to meet visitors after adapting to the external environment around 6 months after birth.

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