Jeong Yu-kyung, ‘surprise appearance’ after 7 years… Her older brother Jung Yong-jin took a ‘click’ with Jodie Foster.

According to the distribution industry on the 7th, CEO Chung visited the ‘ Shinsegae

This event was a party where VIPs from Shinsegae Department Store were invited, and over 500 people were invited, including representatives of major domestic fashion brands, businessmen, and broadcasters.

It is known that General President Chung personally welcomed guests at the event along with executives including Shinsegae Department Store CEO Son Young-sik. It is unusual for CEO Chung to appear at a gathering of outsiders rather than an in-house event.

Also present at the event was Shinsegae Group토토사이트 Vice Chairman Chung Yong-jin, the older brother of CEO Chung. Vice Chairman Chung also posted a photo taken with Hollywood actress Jodie Foster on his Instagram.

During this Freeze Seoul event, Shinsegae participated as an official partner for the first time in the distribution industry. According to an industry insider, you can see how much effort Shinsegae put into this event just by General President Chung’s surprise appearance.

The first basement floor of Boon the Shop Cheongdam currently houses Shinsegae Gallery and is used as an exhibition hall for the Frieze Seoul event.

A Shinsegae official explained, “We have opened a new Shinsegae Gallery in Boon the Shop Cheongdam to coincide with the Frieze Seoul period when art lovers from all over the world come to Seoul. We will continue to showcase Shinsegae’s high-quality art retail here.”

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