“Ah! My eyes!”… The man with ‘suspicious pants’ that even the police couldn’t believe.

 “What is this! Look at your pants. “What is this?”

A man who was walking around in the mountains behind his neighborhood with a towel wrapped around his pants was caught by the police.

According to a video released by the Jeonnam Police Agency on its YouTube channel on the 31st of last month, the police are dispatched to the scene after receiving a 112 report that “body parts are being exposed 먹튀검증on a hiking trail.”

The reporter told the police, “I saw (the man) often,” and “He walks around with a towel wrapped around his clothes and wears the same clothes every day.”

The police guarding the trail soon discovered a suspicious man covering his vital parts with a towel and began checking his ID. Although there was no wanted record, the police felt a sense of urgency given that the reporter gave the same impression and spoke gibberish when asked questions.

came here. “You put your pants back up as you go,” he said.

The police officer, who was concerned, followed the man and naturally passed him when he reached the downhill road. And the moment I turned around and checked the man, I saw a sight that made me believe my eyes.

Police confirmed that the man cut off her pants with scissors, covered them with a towel, and exposed parts of her body to a woman passing by.

The police, who directly witnessed the man’s suspicious pants, said, “What are these!” Look at your pants. “What is this!” he urged. The video containing the scene in question says, “Ah! A sound effect called “My eyes!” was also heard.

This man, in his 60s, was arrested on the spot for public indecency.

The crime of public obscenity (Article 245 of the Criminal Act) is a crime that is applied when an obscene act is performed openly in a place where an unspecified number of people can be harmed. It is stipulated.

However, the crime of public obscenity can only be punished if both obscenity and performance are met.

According to the precedent, lewdness can be judged on the obscene act itself, excluding the subjective feelings of the performer, and if it is a place where an unspecified number of people can witness it, even if there is only one victim, the performance is recognized.

In addition, in the case of exposing the body, specific circumstances such as time and place, part or method of exposure, motive or circumstances are taken into account, so if it simply causes discomfort to others, an act of violating the Misdemeanor Punishment Act, not public obscenity, can be applied.

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