’11 million views’ ‘American kimbap craze’ caused by a Korean mother and daughter… “Sold out crisis”

There is news that local consumers are flocking to Korean marts in search of Korean groceries as the first batch of frozen kimbap released by an American grocery mart chain sold out in less than a month.

On the 7th (local time), the U.S. NBC broadcast reported that the ‘kimbap mukbang’ video posted by American-Korean food blogger Sarah Ahn (27) and her mother on TikTok on the 16th of last month caused this phenomenon.

The media introduced the Korean food craze in the United States by mentioning Trader Joe’s kimbap and saying, “It spread nationwide through word of mouth through this TikTok video.”

Trader Joe’s, a grocery store chain with about 500 stores across the United States, announced that it will only be able to stock additional products in November.

TikTok also played a big role in the success of kimbap. Sarah Ahn (27), a Korean food blogger living in Orange County next to Los Angeles (LA), uploaded a video of herself and her mother heating and eating this kimbap to TikTok on the 16th of last

month . The number of views of this video has already exceeded 11 million.

Sarah Ahn said, “When I was 5 years old, my mother made kimbap for my school lunch, but I was teased by other kids.” She added, “The fact that kimbap is now popular in the United States shows how much progress our culture has made in being accepted and consumed by other people. “It shows what happened,” NBC said.said to

A Trader Joe’s official said, “With the rise of K-pop and Netflix’s K- drama craze, our cultural exposure has been enormous. There was a scene of eating tteokbokki in a Korean drama I enjo메이저사이트yed, and it looked delicious, so I wanted to try it.”

According to the media, Trader Joe’s employees were also surprised by the blockbuster popularity of frozen gimbap. This is because purchases continued among white people. It is said that Americans are turning to Korean supermarkets such as H Mart as they can no longer get kimbap here.

At the same time, NBC evaluated, “As the explosive popularity of Korean culture and social media coincided, ‘K Culture’ quickly became mainstream in the United States.”

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