Donation angel who disappeared leaving behind 50 million won in cash “Saves up living expenses”

The story of an anonymous donor in Suwon, Gyeonggi Province, donating 50 million먹튀검증 won in cash to the administrative welfare center became known.

According to Suwon City on the 6th, at around 9:34 a.m. on this day, woman A left a paper bag and a letter in the civil affairs office on the second floor of the Administrative Welfare Center in Gwanggyo 2-dong, Yeongtong-gu. Inside the paper bag was 50 million won in cash, in 50,000 won denominations.

In a letter left in her paper envelope, Ms. A said, “I am a person who believes in God and live in Gwanggyo,” and she “made 50 million won by saving from her living expenses and saving for many years.” She explained the purpose of her donation, saying, “I hope it will be of some help to many families in need due to the coronavirus.”

He completely hid his identity. The Administrative Welfare Center even checked the CCTV in the building

to determine the identity of the donor, but could not find any clues. He appeared to be wearing a blue hat and sunglasses. He came on foot, took the elevator to the civil service office, and returned in the same route, leaving behind only cash and a paper bag containing a letter. The employees on duty at the time said they assumed it was one of the residents who often leaves snacks behind. Employees looked inside the paper bag, confirmed the cash, and reported it to the City Hall Care Policy Department. The city plans to respect the donor’s will and deliver it to the Suwon City Social Welfare Council so that the donation can be used for the vulnerable.

Jeong Suk-mi, head of the civil affairs team at the Gwanggyo 2-dong Administrative Welfare Center, said, “There are many people who donate while revealing their identity, but this is the first time they have left something anonymously.” She added, “If you are a resident who often visits the Administrative Welfare Center, the staff will quickly notice even if you cover your face.” “You may have noticed, but seeing as they say their facial expressions are unfamiliar, it seems like they are not familiar residents,” he said.

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