During the war of words in ‘Interview with Kim Man-bae’… Ko Min-jeong “Mr. Lee Dong-kwan” Lee “To the State Councilor”

On the 4th, controversy arose in the National Assembly when Rep. Go Min-jeong of the Democratic Party called him “Mr. Lee Dong-gwan” while asking a question to Korea Communications먹튀검증 Commission Chairman Lee Dong-gwan. Chairman Lee protested, saying, “What do you mean to a member of the State Council?”

At the general meeting of the National Assembly Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communications Committee on this day, when Chairman Lee claimed that Newstapa’s report on the ‘false interview with Kim Man-bae’, which was revealed through a recent prosecution investigation, was a “serious crime and a violation of the national flag,” Rep. Go said, “I saw you replying.” “I absolutely cannot recognize him (as Chairman of the Korea Communications Commission),” he said, dropping his title and calling Chairman Lee Dong-kwan. The Internet media Newstapa reported an article about Newstapa expert Shin Shin-lim (former head of the media union), who is accused of receiving 165 million won from Kim Man-bae three days before last year’s presidential election and giving a false interview to the effect that “Daejang-dong’s body is Yoon Seok-yeol.” .

Representative Goh then said, “Is fake news a serious crime and disorderly conduct of the national flag? Then, what did the media outlets that reported President Yoon Seok-yeol say during the election, ‘My mother-in-law has never received a single penny’ without fact-checking? Investigate all media outlets through the Korea Communications Commission and the Korea Communications Commission. “We will see it in the government audit,” he said. “How serious is fake news? To agree. It may constitute a serious crime. He said, “If this is a violation of the national flag, then President Yoon Seok-yeol, who lied so casually during the election, is a serious criminal and the person who violated the national flag.” Rep. Go continued to refer to Chairman Lee as “Mr. Lee Dong-kwan” during the meeting.

In response, Chairman Lee said, “I am speaking as a member of the State Affairs Commission, but what is Mr. Lee Dong-gwan?” and “Aren’t you asking a question to an individual Lee Dong-gwan? “Aren’t you asking a question to Korea Communications Commission Chairman Lee Dong-gwan?” he protested. At the same time, Chairman Lee said, “If you ask a question to (individual) Lee Dong-gwan, I actually have no obligation to answer.”

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