‘White Little Pig’ wandering the streets without its mother, just before euthanasia…

April, when cherry blossom petals fluttered. It was two years ago . A warm spring breeze blew through the streets, making the corners of my mouth twitch. Excited lovers. A family full of laughter. The expressions of those who waited for this time also brightened.

Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean everything is cozy. On the same street, there were some kids walking around with scared looks on their faces . He often looked around and pricked his droopy ears.

Three white, fluffy puppies were born. She was at an age where she needed her mother’s embrace, but there was no one by her side. The only thing that brought us peace on a road full of surprises was each other’s body heat. I spent every anxious night wrapping my little bodies one on top of the other.

Someone saw that scene. They said things like there are puppies here, they must have been abandoned, etc. The three little ones moved to their next residence. It was not a place where you could continue to feel good. It was an abandoned dog shelter .

The abandoned puppies, who were three and a half months old, ended up in cages at the shelter. The moment the body was placed there, 10 days were given. It was a deadline announced for them to visit. That was only possible when it was lost. For abandoned puppies, it was like dying .The date was helplessly erased while the little fish hung brightly on the iron bars once, twice. Ten days have passed. euthanasia. The puppies were too young to use that word. Those who could not bear to see this came forward to provide temporary protection . And then a name was born. Pine needles, grass blades, flowers. Contrary to her situation, it was a gentle and pretty name. I must have thought about it my whole life.

Among them, Pine Leaf met his first older sister . It was May 29, 2021 . I entered the house for the first time, jumping up and down the living room floor. My older sister played with her palm by biting it. There was also a round white house. She even slept with her nose in her shoe. She said she liked to sleep with her nose in it. She even went for a drive in a booming car for the first time.

Half a year has passed. The pine needles also grew a lot thanks to the love. Her ears perked up, her tail got longer, and her brown tear stains became much lighter.

Her first older sister suddenly went abroad. It was an upsetting breakup. She was fortunate to have a second older sister to take care of her . She was also temporary protection.

‘Heart’ uploaded 150 photos from fall to spring of the following year.

Pine needles, now 8 months old, came to their second home . It was November 21, 2021 . She is a curious and people-loving puppy, and she grew up well. Her first older sister was left-handed, so she was good at giving high fives to her right hand. She has a good personality and was able to adapt in just one day. She was full of energy, like a puppy.

Pine needles, her second sister, also tried to remove more of her tear stains. As she fed several sample foods, she found one that suited the pine needles. She meticulously recorded her daily life , saying that she would present it to her family when she met her later .

As late fall turned into winter, her pine needles and her clothes became thicker. She enjoyed playing tug and would rustle and roll in the fallen leaves when she went for a walk. She lay down and slept. When her older brother cooked, she waited desperately to see if anything would come out from under her.

The cold winter has entered. Pine needles saw white snow for the first time in their lives. She walked next to her, making four circular footsteps. She was running around happily, stretching out because she was tired, and all the while, she was growing diligently.

She took temporary custody and constantly posted posts promoting her adoption . Along with photos of her small daily life and attractive points such as the corners of her mouth, Pine Needle tried to find her family. There were 150 photos of her posted . She had a great wish to find a good family .

From Pine needles to Dae-gil, I have a family for life.

The sun has changed. I couldn’t find my family until all winter had passed. The term of employment took longer than expected. Spring

has come , the season when Pine needles were born and abandoned . Spring was spring, but it was not the same spring. It was a new spring with someone by my side to love and care for me. At that time, Minseo happened to see a photo of Pine needles and fell in love with her at first sight. He was a newlywed who decided to dink.

“A friend sent me a picture, and I fell in love with him because he looked like my pet dog, Juju. He had a long nose, pointed ears, and short legs…he was my ideal type.”

They say they haven’t been adopted for a long time. At first, she felt sad and pitiful upon learning that she was an abandoned dog. I wanted to join her family. Min-seo’s husband opposed her adoption, saying안전놀이터 that the house was small because it was an officetel . After a week of fighting, her husband lost.

On March 26th last year, when I was turning one year older . Pine needles finally have a family of their own . His second older sister put a candle on a homemade snack cake and congratulated him on the life he would live. After being adopted, his name changed from Pineapple to ‘Daegil’ . At the time when I brought Dae-gil in, I was watching the KBS drama ‘Chuno’ and came up with it. It was also about matching the ‘daeja rotation’ with the original dog, Juju .

From a troublemaker to a ‘good dog’… “I fell in love with it while training.”

‘I am a wonderful person who adopted an abandoned dog.’ To be honest, Minseo never dreamed of such a title… The reality was not easy.

I have to go to work the next day, but he barks all night, howls when I go out, and plays tug-of-war on the street with the lead in his mouth. They put trash on the floor in their mouths, bite their hands when you give them snacks, and have trouble covering their urine. A peaceful month followed.

“I couldn’t sleep well and was very irritable. Still, I decided to do as much as I could, so I gritted my teeth and trained.”Minseo began to understand what kind of dog Daegil was. It was a sensitive and fearful puppy. So he trained little by little, starting with walks around the house. Working with her husband as a team, we did a lot of training, including desensitization to external noise, house, harness, potty training, and alleviating separation anxiety. Snacks and walks were essential for her. She developed a lot of affection while training together.What happened to Daegil as a result? She has become a good dog, not biting or barking, going into the house well, and walking well . I became convinced, ‘If I change, Dae-gil will change too.’ Min-seo’s husband, who was opposed to her adoption, also became ‘Dae-gil an idiot.’ When she gets home from work, Dae-gil comes out to meet her, and she is so cute and happy.“At first, I was sad and pitiful. Now I don’t feel sorry for him at all. I’m just proud of him. He’s so cute. There are so many people who look after Dae-gil, whether in the elevator or on the street, when they see him for the first time. Dae-gil also wags his tail and likes him.”

Epilogue . _

It was time to train Dae-gil to improve his ‘separation anxiety’ . After going out , I turned on the home CCTV to see how Daegil was doing .

The training must have worked, and Dae-gil doesn’t cry these days. Originally, they told me to howl and come back, but they said I would wait a bit and it would be okay.

Minseo had such a conversation with her husband.

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