There’s a ‘squirtle’ sticker on Han Dong-hoon’s notebook… It was a gift from an elementary school student.

At the plenary session of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly, where a fierce battle was held over the introduction of ‘life sentence without parole’, a sticker from Minister of Justice Han Dong-hoon’s diary attracted a lot of attention.

Recently, in online communities, netizens’ attention is focused on a minister’s diary captured on the Legislative and Judiciary Committee’s broadcast camera on the 23rd of last month. It became known that this sticker 먹튀검증was ‘Squirtle’, a representative character from the famous cartoon ‘Pokemon’.

Netizens who encountered Squirtle in an unexpected place responded, “I put stickers on it too, it’s cute,” “The Minister seems to enjoy eating Pokemon bread, too,” and “Why on earth did he put a Squirtle sticker on it?” Afterwards, the ‘squirtle sticker’ seemed to have settled down to Minister Han’s preference. However, according to MBN’s

report on the 4th, this sticker was reportedly given to a minister along with a handwritten letter by a fourth-grade elementary school student on the 7th of last month. The letter sent by the student included a greeting to Minister Han, saying, ” I’ve seen you on TV a lot. Thank you for working hard for our country.” He also said, “I want to be a great person like you. But the minister is so busy that you might not see this letter, right?” and asked, “If you do see the letter, can you send me an autograph? If you meet me later, please be sure to take a picture.” He then wrote, “Please create a country where people can be healthy despite the heat and where crime does not occur often,” and added, “I will also become a great person who helps others like the minister.” The student said, “I will give you my favorite Squirtle sticker, so I clipped the ‘Squirtle sticker’ to the corner of the letter. It appears that Minister Han saw this letter and pasted the Squirtle sticker in his diary.

According to MBN , Minister Han responded to the student, saying, “I have received the letter and Squirtle stickers you sent me,” and “Isn’t it a precious thing that is difficult to obtain? I will keep it well. Thank you,” and gave Herman Melville’s novel ‘Moby Dick’ as a gift.

He said, “I also remember most of the things that happened from around the fourth grade. Looking back, I don’t think my life has changed much since then.” He added, “I wonder what it would be like to read a lot of good books, good music, good movies, and think a lot. “That’s important, and that’s how everything is made.”

Regarding the ‘Moby Dick’ he gave as a gift, he said, “It’s my favorite book, but if I read it now, I’m sure it will be boring.” He added, “It was published in 1851, and it survived for 172 years, so don’t rush and read it later when you get your hands on it.” He also added, “It seems like the essence of life is to be a bit boring, and that’s also the fun of it.”

Meanwhile, Minister Han said of the push for ‘life sentence without parole’ (absolute life sentence) on this day, “Now is the time to think about the human rights of victims and their families before the human rights of the perpetrator.” “I don’t think it’s useless to give the message that you won’t have a chance in life,” he emphasized.

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