“I texted my future mother-in-law on her birthday, but we had a huge fight.”

The story that a bride-to-be, who is about to get married in October, refused to send a happy birthday message to her future mother-in-law is attracting attention.

It is known that this man is considering breaking off the engagement after hearing the reply, ‘I don’t do filial piety by proxy.’

Mr. A, a soon-to-be groom, recently asked for other people’s opinions on Blind, an anonymous community for office workers, saying, “I wanted to send a text message to my mother on her birthday, but when I heard people say I was being filial by proxy, we got into a huge fight. Did I do something wrong?”

Mr. A had a meeting last February. She then explained that she plans to marry먹튀검증 her bride-to-be in October. However, he said, “I have never seen or contacted her parents since her reunion,” and asked, “How about just a message to her girlfriend to say congratulations as it is her mother’s birthday this Friday?”

In response, her girlfriend asked, “I’ll see you on Friday, what are you doing?” She refused, and Mr. A said, “It would be better if you contact me in advance. We’re going to become family.”

Then the girlfriend refused, saying, “Family? How can my mother be my family? I am marrying my brother. When I register the marriage and obtain a family relationship certificate, only my brother appears, not my mother.”

Mr. A said that her mother-in-law is of course her family, and the girlfriend said, “She is just your brother’s mother. Why are you trying to make me act filial piety by proxy? The pressure to contact me now is vicarious filial piety.”

Mr. A, who has not been in contact with his girlfriend since the fight, said, “I don’t know if this is right,” and “I’m seriously considering breaking off the engagement.”

Netizens’ opinions on her story were mixed. One netizen responded, “I think you can send a text message saying happy birthday.”

On the other hand, another netizen said that he decided to visit her on her birthday, but there was no need to force her to contact him.

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