Rubao put in the mouth of a toy… Zookeeper “I apologize… Lebao is okay”

Everland panda Lebao almost swallowed a toy dropped by a visitor in his mouth, and the child’s parents sent an e-mail to Everland to apologize. Le Bao is said to be in good health. Song Young-gwan, aka ‘Song Bao’ , posted a picture of a toy that fell on the radiation field with an article titled “Lubao vs

Bus” at Everland’s Zootopia Cafe today (28th) . First, Zookeeper Song said to fans concerned about Le Bao’s health, “Le Bao, who was curious about the new object that fell in his space, simply checked what kind of object it was as shown in the picture.” did,” he said. The toy in the photo was bitten by Le Bao and the front part was slightly distorted. Previously, on the 26th, at Everland Panda World, a child dropped a toy into the radiation field. The toy fell to the floor avoiding the net installed near the handrail, and Le Bao, who saw it, put the toy in his mouth and tried to swallow it. Sightings were also reported online. Mr. A, a member of Zootopia Cafe, said, “Le Bao dangerously bit the toy that the child dropped and (employees) hurriedly left work.” Bao left the toy behind and left work.”

‘ X ‘ (old Twitter) also uploaded a video at the time. Le Bao showed curiosity by holding a toy that had fallen on the ground in his mouth, biting it several times, and smelling the toy. The video includes the sound 메이저놀이터of Le Bao biting her toy and her worried voice saying “no” to her audience.

At the time, the audience informed the staff who were on-site, and the situation came to a close when the staff let Le Bao into her boudoir.

The visitor who dropped her toy has since sent an apology to Everland.

Zookeeper Song said, “I received an e-mail from the child’s mother through Everland’s ‘Voice of Customers’ box.” It was what happened,” he said.

In an email, the child’s parents said, “I was careful not to stress the pandas as much as possible, but I accidentally dropped them.” “I will pay more attention next time I go to the zoo with my child. Please contact me,” he apologized repeatedly.

Zookeeper Song said, “Fortunately, there is nothing wrong with Le Bao, so I hope neither the parents nor the child will be hurt by too much guilt.” follow,” he said.

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